Sunday, June 9

A Good Place

It's been a while since I updated this space and to be honest, I didn't have any intention to do so; yet a friend mentioned this space to me over the past week, so I thought I'd drop by to say hello :)

I'm sure we've all moved on with our lives since blogging days and I sincerely hope that things are going well (in general) for everyone!

Life's definitely hectic but it's always good to make time for what matters. For me, it's always family, friends and some good food/ coffee (:

Have a great rest of the year! (:

Thursday, June 21

Jan Dreams of Belgium (Waffles)

Hello (:

I think maintaining an instagram account is enough work for me so I apologise for neglecting this space!

We recently revisited London and also took a really short trip to Belgium for a chocolate and beer tour. We left Belgium feeling thoroughly satisfied because we got to try their famous food and the bubs drank a lot of good beer! We didn't take photos of the many delectable pieces of chocolates that we ate but here are some photos of our other desserts:

Can't wait to travel again to try other kinds of food (especially desserts!) (:

Have a good second half of 2018!

Thursday, December 21

#tuktukchens in Bangkok


I think I've come to accept that I no longer have the time to maintain this blog but it feels nice to know that there's still a space that I can park food-related posts at, especially when I need to share them with others! (:

The bubs and I went to Bangkok last week and our friends have been asking us for (food) recommendations so I'm just gonna share some of the food that we had and enjoyed so that our friends can visit these places too if they want to.


Our top recommendation will be Khua Kling Pad Sod. The food here is super duper spicy and every dish we have had was good!

We also liked Nahm, which serves rather exquisite tasting Thai food!

If you prefer a more bar-type of setting, you can try Soul Food! The food here is not that spicy and it's a cosy drinking place for those who prefer to just chill after eating!


Our one and only recommendation is Greyhound Cafe. It's AWESOME. We love it. Each branch has a slightly different menu so it might interest you to visit a few outlets. We visited the ones at Emporium and EmQuatier a lot (I think thrice or four times?) because they were near to where we were staying at. We love their Thai Tea Granita and never failed to have that whenever we are at Greyhound! Their pad thai & coconut cake dessert are good too!


Apart from getting our Western fix at Greyhound, we also went to Roast, which serves good western food! We'd love to go back to Roast to try more of their dishes.

D'ark is not bad but it isn't fantastic, which explains why we rated it third out of the three 'western cafes' that we visited! Perhaps we will attempt to order different items in future to see whether they taste better than what we had this time round!

Snacks/ Tea

We heard SO much about After You before our trip and we had high expectations! Thankfully, After You didn't disappoint and their desserts/snacks are AMAZING!! (: We'd highly recommend anything that is thai-tea-flavoured! Their thai tea bingsu was shockingly good! We went to After You thrice/four times during our stay and we really hope it comes to Singapore soon.

If you like mango sticky rice, then you should buy it from Mae Varee! The mangoes sold at this stall are super fresh and sweet and it is a bonus that the owners are so generous with their servings!

Night Markets & Street Food 

There honestly are too many night markets to visit so we decided to pick those that sounded a little more interesting/different than the others to go to! Our first night market experience was at Rod Fai 2 or sometimes known as the New Rod Fai Market! It's basically the night market with colourful tents! (: We had dinner prior to visiting this market so we didn't eat that much but we tried some of their street food no less!

Talad Neon Night Market was the other place we visited during our stay. The aisles in this market are much wider compared to Rod Fai's, so it's much better for someone who's claustrophobic like me. This market has a more youthful/ artistic vibe and the things that they sell cater to the younger crowd (teens and those in their early twenties?) so I think our kids will love this place. We saw and hear MANY Singaporeans at this place so if you go to Neon, be prepared to bump into people you may know (we certainly did! Haha).

Weekend Market 

I guess no BKK experience is complete without a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market! I think walking through the many alleys and trying the various food sold is an experience in itself! We were very thankful that we went to Chatuchak on a relatively cloudy day so it wasn't THAT hot though it was still pretty warm. We absolutely loved the coconut icecream and garlic bread!

Sala Daeng is a good place to visit for more street food. My sister highly recommended Pad Thai Sala Daeng to us and we were so pleased to find this stall just behind Silom Complex. There's also a hawker centre looking place behind Silom Complex where we got more street food!

Fine Dining 

Finally, if you want an epic gastronomical experience, you have to head to Gaggan. The process of getting a table at Gaggan left much to be desired, but thankfully the dining experience made up for their lacklustre reservation service (: We had 25 courses and the entire meal took 2.5h. We were super stuffed at the end of the meal! I especially liked the emoticon menu cos it made us anticipate (and guess what) the next course is!

(I apologise for some poorly taken photos! The lighting was low and I didn't edit the photos after taking them so if you can't see anything, it's my bad!) 

There are also many many other places to eat at such as the food court at Terminal 21 called Pier 21, which serves decent and extremely affordable food! So I think it's okay to just try whatever that you think you may like because food in BKK is seldom bad (or at least we haven't had any terrible food).

There are also tonnes of massage/spa places that you can go to so you might wanna do your research before you go. For us, we just went to the massage cum spa place at our hotel cos we didn't wanna travel too far for a good massage (:

I think BKK is certainly a place that we'd love to return to in future to try even more food! (: But for now, we are satiated and we are happy with the memories that we have created this holiday!

Alright that's all! (: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance! (: