Tuesday, April 26

Atlas Coffeehouse

Hello (:

I didn't realise that I've not updated this space in eons! Oh dear. Life's been really busy of late cos we're in the thick of marking season, so I'll probably make a more conscientious effort to update this space once marking season ends in 2 weeks or so =|

In the mean time, here're some photos of our little snack at Atlas Coffeehouse. I really adore their thick fluffy pancake by the way! Would totally go back again for more! I reckon it's a better idea to go during weekdays because the queue and crowd at Atlas during the weekend are insane!

Press on with the week and we'll be welcoming a long weekend (finally!) soon! Can't wait! (:

Sunday, April 3

HCMC Eats: La Villa

Hello (:

It's been terribly warm these days and my body's suffering from trying to adapt to the heat =| I hope that it rains one of these days cos for once, I actually miss thunderstorms!

Anyhow, here's a continuation of the HCMC posts, and today, I'm gonna post photos of the food that we had at La Villa, which is actually a house-turned-restaurant. The setting is cosy and it has limited capacity, but I guess that's what gives it the old French charm. We were the only other guests that day, the other being a group of French men, and I thoroughly appreciated having a quiet meal indoors, away from the scorching sun.

The standard of food at La Villa cannot be compared to Les Amis' but I think it's similar to Au Petit Salut's - not as refined nor as interesting, but very thoughtful and palatable. It was a lovely languorous and luxurious meal (:

Have a good Sunday ahead! (: