Tuesday, December 29

Pho 24

The following posts are written specially for my family members because they will be going to Saigon over the CNY break. Hopefully one of them will be diligent enough to record the addresses of the following addresses so that they will be able to show the address to their taxi drivers! =)

Before I went to Vietnam, the only dish that I could associate with Vietnamese cuisine is Pho. It's essentially rice noodle in soup and it can be found pretty easily in Saigon. When we first arrived at Saigon, we didn't know where to dine at but thankfully there was a Pho 24 outlet near our hotel!

Essentially, Pho 24 is a chain of restaurants that specialises in fast-food-like Pho. The service is brisk, the price is reasonably cheap and the quality is pretty average. In short, Pho 24 is a good place to dine at if you've a budget to keep to or if you're extremely hungry and have no time to look for nice restaurants to eat at.

I chose to order their special fruit shake (which I think contains strawberries, honey and I forgot what else) and it was surprisingly good! (: The shake was thick and fruity! A delightful drink to have on a hot day.

Condiments which we could add to our bowls of pho.

Chicken Pho.
Beef Pho. Personally, I prefer the beef pho because the broth is more tasty. If you are torn between the beef or chicken pho, choose the beef!

Caramel custard. We each had one of this for dessert. It's essentially a custard flavoured pudding and it's not too sweet so it's quite nice. I think my brother will like this though it's definitely not as wobbly as his Hokkaido milk pudding at Sushi Tei.

271 Pham Ngu Lao (it should be quite near your hotel)

Other Pho places that are near your hotel which you may want to try:
Pho Quynh - 323 Pham Ngu Lao (order pho bo kho)
Pho 2000 - 1-3 Phana Chu Trinh (near Ben Thanh Market)


  1. hope they have a great time..another good restaurant is Quan An Ngon.

  2. Hello! (:

    Yes I've also blogged about Quan An Ngon! (: Their food is lovely! Happy New Year!

  3. Think that, if use the best of our persuasion powers, Jeff may be able to eat pho over there! (:

  4. True. He doesn't really have a choice actually.. unless he wants to have KFC?

  5. Want to try something unconventional. Pho with clams. I was wondering with some friends along the street near the ben thanh market and bump into this eatery called Pho Ngheu Huong Thanh. Wow, pho with clams. Never heard of it before. Tried the spicy soup with clams and yes, yes. It taste really good and we like the clams fried with lemon grass and chilli and its not hot at all and goes so well with bread. Drank their signature beverage called this Green Ocean and mann, it was refreshing. Located at 276 Le Thanh Ton, district 1. HCMC.

  6. Wow! Yes I remember the road Le Thanh Ton! Will definitely leave the name and address of the restaurant that you've recommended to my family members since they'll be going to HCMC next month! =) Thanks a lot!