Saturday, February 27

Fukuichi Japanese Dining

Hello (:

Apologies for being MIA these few weeks because I've been very busy at school! Frankly we can't wait for March hols so that we can all take a breather and catch up on work and rest! (:

In the mean time, we make it a point to roster in time to do things that we enjoy and to get sufficient rest for the week so that we will be able to do the things that we need to do well. Here are some photos of the two set meals that we had at Fukuichi, which is fast becoming one of bubs' favourite Japanese restaurants because of their good quality lunch/dinner sets!

Time to do housework! (: Till next time! (:

Sunday, February 14


Hello (:

I'm gonna say outright that this post does not do Basilico justice cos there is way more food offered than what is featured. The main reason why I didn't take that many photos was cos I was sitting at at area where the light was spoilt, hence there was no lighting and I found it very troublesome to take photos! =| I had to borrow my sister's space whenever I had to take photos, which was troublesome, so I stopped after the first few plates =P

Basilico's Italian buffet, in my humble opinion, is possibly the best Italian buffet that I have ever eaten. The quality of food is always superb and the selection of dishes is massive (: It was my sisters' first visit to Basilico and they were extremely impressed with all that they tried! (: I'm pretty sure we'll end up going back to Basilico again one day (:

For now, here are some photos taken at Basilico:

[The other Italian buffet that's simpler but also very good is Pete's Place! The Italian food at Pete's is more homely-Italian and the food is slightly more affordable (:]

Alright that's all for now (: Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 6

Patisserie G

Hello (:

I'm really happy that the long weekend has finally arrived (: It's good to have time to think about where we are, what we wanna do for the rest of the year and also to spend time with loved ones (:

Last weekend, we went to Patisserie G for a quick lunch and desserts before we headed off to explore Millenia Walk, which is quite a fascinating place if you like to browse at furniture, home appliances and lifestyle products! (:

We absolutely loved our lychee cheesecake and our dark chocolate mousse cake! So we would recommend this place if you are looking for quality desserts! (:

Alright that is all for now! Have a happy Lunar New Year everyone! (: