Sunday, May 29

Jumbo Seafood

Hello (:

I realised that we usually don't get a real break from school till the second week of June hols or so, but this doesn't deter us from doing something a little special or a little out of the ordinary to welcome the hols! This time, it was to indulge in a giant wok of chili crabs, a dish which we have yet to eat together for over a year!

When it comes to crabs, I tend to want to go to Jumbo cos my first memories of eating crabs were at Jumbo and I also like that they're consistently good, so off we went to Jumbo yesterday for a feast!

Thankfully, we went for a walk around the MBS area after our meal and it helped to keep the crab coma away (somehow my body shuts down if I ingest too much crab meat so I guess I need to moderate).

Superb way to kickstart the hols! (:

Tuesday, May 24


Hello (:

I have been having strong waffle-cravings over the past couple of weeks and I think I've eaten at least 4 full waffles in the past 2 weeks, which is a lot to me! Thankfully, I think I've finally had enough waffles so I'm gonna give it a short break. Heh.

Here are some of the waffles which I have had, which are not bad at all in my opinion:

Rise & Grind - I love their waffle batter! I had this once every week in the past 2 weeks cos it's possibly the most accessible cafe from my place! 

Atlas Coffeehouse - Their waffle toppings are decadent and rich! Their waffles are nice but I prefer their signature pancakes. Both are very filling and can substitute a meal if you feel that you want to have an entire waffle to yourself. 

Montana Brew - We visited this cafe yesterday with 2 dear friends and we liked the interesting taste of Black Sesame Ice-cream on Black Velvet batter! 

The other waffle places that we often frequent are Revelry and Udders, which are near our place as well. We hope that more cafes will spring up around our new neighbourhood so that we won't have to travel too far for good waffles!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good week ahead!

Sunday, May 15

Danro Japanese Hotpot by MOF

Hello (:

We had a pretty interesting day yesterday cos we decided to, for the first time in eons, explore the two malls at Bugis (Bugis Junction and Bugis+) and it was a pretty eye-opening experience cos we realised that the layout of the malls is pretty different from the ones that we usually frequent along Orchard Road. The restaurants are also different - they tend to serve fusion food - and there are many fastfood outlets! In general, we felt that these malls were perfect for the younger crowd or for people who enjoy the kind of (mixed) cuisines served there.

We happened to walk past an advertisement that featured 'collagen hotpot' and since both of us have never had it in our lives, we decided to give it a try. The wet weather kind of set the right mood for our feast cos we believe that hotpots are best enjoyed on colder than usual days.  So here's what we got at Danro:

Thankfully we were pretty hungry by the time the food came cos there was so much food! The fish head in the soup is actually huge and meaty so we had a lot of salmon to finish up. The collagen soup tasted milkier and richer than the usual broth that we are used to having for hotpot, and it tasted less foreign than I had thought. Having said that though, I feel that it leaves a strange after taste in that it coats your tongue/ mouth with this layer of, for the lack of a better word, 'slime' but it's nothing as bad as it sounds! Haha Just wash it down with some sprite and you'll be okay! (:

After the meal, we started our walk around the 2 malls cos we were way too full from lunch! And that was how our little exploration went =P

Till the next one!

Have a good Sunday! (:

Sunday, May 8

Brussels Sprouts

Hello everyone (:

The end is near and I honestly can't wait for it! (: One thing that I've come to realise about myself is that I need to take outdoor walks whenever I need a break from marking so we've been going to a few familiar yet rarely frequented places of late and one of them is Sentosa Cove!

We went to Brussels Sprouts to have our fill before we took our walk on one side of Sentosa Cove and I was happy that our legs got their much needed stretching and striding.

We'll diligently get through the coming week and we shall anticipate the freedom that will come at the end - I can't wait! (:

Take care! (:

Monday, May 2


Hello (:

I think we've found our favourite cafe (at least for now) and like Chili's, it's our default go-to place whenever we feel like we're up for some cafe food.

Enjoy viewing the pics! (:

Have a great week ahead! (: