Saturday, January 24

Black Angus

This week was exceptionally long and next week will be longer but I'm grateful for good friends and great company! (:

This is one of the other places that we usually go to when we want some good American grub =D The fried breaded mushrooms are spectacular!

Shall savour my precious weekend and recharge! (: Have a good one too!

Sunday, January 18


Hello (:

I think we've found one of the best places to have Sunday brunch/lunch in Singapore! (: Mezza9's Sunday brunch, in my opinion, is a place worth visiting just for the sheer variety of dishes available. Despite not having Italian and Indian segments, the spread is still extensive and the quality of food is good! (: The cooks seem to like using the sous-vide method to prepare their dishes, including eggs and bread and pudding, and they tasted pretty good (: With so much to indulge in, it is no wonder that people stay there for hours because they can eat leisurely, chat and eat some more! =P

I doubt we'll be having another buffet any time soon because this was overwhelmingly good. Have a great Sunday! (:

Saturday, January 10

Hakata Ippudo

Hello (:

The first week of school is never a walk in the park because things just come flying at you and you have to be at many places and talk to many people in a day! It's as if all activities stopped during the hols only to explode come week 1 =P But all is fine and well and everyone survived week 1!

We went to Hakata Ippudo at Westgate for lunch just now and it was great (: We wanted something simple yet tasty and Ippudo's ramen never disappoints! (: We also tried their tofu salad, which we both enjoyed very much! So here are the few pics taken at lunch for your viewing pleasure:

Shall crash and get some rest now. Have a good weekend! (:

Sunday, January 4

Cassia at Capella

Hello! (:

2015 has been busy but good so far (: The first day back at school was unexpectedly long but we managed it somehow. I think it's very important to have friends at the work place (as much as some say that it's not easy being friends with colleagues) because they really help to make things so much better/ more bearable. I am thankful for the people at work because they are generally nice and we just do what needs to be done so that we can all get on with life =P

Yesterday, we decided to go a little further to Capella for afternoon tea partly because we know that such an experience would become rarer as we move further into 2015! We went to Cassia for their weekend colonial afternoon tea, which costs $39.90++/pax. Frankly speaking, we were quite surprised that we managed to secure a table because we had called merely hours before arriving! Nevertheless, we are thankful to have gotten a chance to try their high tea (:

Our food was generally okay, though I feel that every single item was pretty average, so don't expect to have fantastic food. However, it's a great place to meet up with friends though because all the other patrons were generally considerate and kept their voices low, so the atmosphere was pretty relaxed and welcoming. I can see why people are able to sit there for hours just slowly talking and nibbling on their food (:

Yup that's all for now! Shall enjoy the last day of the weekend before we dive head first into a very busy but fun week 1! (:

Happy Sunday! (:

Thursday, January 1

Artisan Boulangerie Co.

Hello! (:

It's 2015! (: I had a nice and peaceful finish to 2014 - we cooked and ate at home to avoid the crowds - and ushered in the new year with a good night's rest! I hope that you enjoyed yourselves wherever you were and whatever you were doing!

We finally visited ABC after hearing so much about it and I think our verdict is that it is so-so. However, that might be because we didn't order their signature dishes nor did we go during brunch time, so we had limited choices! Having said that, it was nice being able to chill out and have a relaxing, fuss free meal to end off 2014. Here are some pics that we took that day:

I haven't thought about what I hope/want my 2015 to be but I know that whatever happens, I'll take it as it comes and do my best to make it a great year! (: Let's rock it!