Thursday, February 18

Domino's Pizza

On the first day of CNY, Nette, Andrew, Jeffrey & I had to settle our own dinner because LPP (i.e. lim pa pa) had his own agenda. It was already 7ish when we had a short discussion on what to have for dinner so we decided to have pizza. Both Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut were having CNY promotions but we opted for the former in the end because we've never tried it!

If you know Nette, you'll know that she's an extremely thrifty and calculating person so instead of calling Domino's to order our pizza, she and Andrew actually went to the outlet itself to check whether there're takeaway offers! Geez. I would NEVER do that! Anyway, it's good that they went because they found out that there was a half-price offer for all pizzas and they decided to get that! (:

Apart from the extra large pizza, we also ordered three sides and they came in interesting & cute containers such as the one showcased above (:

Chicken wings/ drumlets! There were six of them actually so three has been eaten. Jeffrey says that they were pretty oily but I guess that's normal for chicken wings/ drumlets right?

Twisty bread! I actually like it because it tastes a teensybit like garlic bread yet it has no garlic smell? Perhaps it's just the butter/ margarine. I love the rough texture of the bread sticks. Yums.
Our extra large hawaiian paradise pizza! It's the biggest pizza I've seen to date! Each slice of this XL-pizza is probably 1.25-1.5 times larger than the usual 'large' slice pizza. While the toppings may not be heavenly, the pizza bread was surprisingly delicious! (: It was thin yet doughy and I absolutely loved it! =)

For dessert, we'd a cinnamon bread sticks. These were the last three sticks and they were consumed immediately after I took this photo. I'm very happy that Domino's has sweet stuff on their menu because I need dessert to make my meal complete!

I think Domino's Pizza is definitely worth a try, especially if you want to have something different from the usual takeaway pizzas. Apparently, they'll take no more than 30minutes to deliver your order so you won't be kept hungry for too long! (: Shall do the 30minutes trial test one day! Alright that's all for now (:

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