Saturday, July 26


Hello (:

This has been a rather eventful week and it is evident that some things have irrevocably changed and I hope that this is for the better (:

So we decided to celebrate clarity and transcendence by visiting Levant at Greenwood, where service and food were excellent.

Banana yoghurt smoothie ($6) and Duk ($6) 
Frankly, my banana yoghurt smoothie was a tad too heavy for me at the start and it tasted like banana yoghurt mixed juice instead of a smoothie but it was yummy (: I appreciated it as I was starving and I was thankful to have something to quell the growls of my tummy. The Duk tasted very interesting.. but I doubt I'd order it on my own because I don't particularly like the taste. It's very exotic =P 

Mixed Appetizer Platter ($28)
I love Mediterranean platters cos I can eat everything and anything on the platter and they usually taste superb! (: The freshness of the food items on this platter deserves commendation, and we happily finished eating everything before our main course arrived. I think the staff could tell that we were famished because no one ever polishes off the platter that quickly! Heh. 

The Levant Specialty - Lamb Briyani ($32)
This is their highly recommended speciality - the lamb briyani. I think everyone who visits Levant should give this divine dish a try (: My dining companion tried it and he said that it is the best briyani that he has had in his life and he isn't even a briyani person to begin with! (: I tried the rice on its own and it's yummy enough for me to finish an entire plate on my own! Definitely should have saved some of the appetisers to go with my rice but it's alright (:

We were too stuffed at the end of the meal to try their desserts but then again I'm not a fan of Mediterranean desserts so I guess it's okay. I might try their saffron ice-cream in future though! We shall see (: A memorable meal at Levant which I will always associate with the recent turning point in my life (:

Saturday, July 19

Koon Bak Kut Teh

Hello (: 

Since our first random visit to the Bak Kut Teh cafe at West Gate this year, we have been having fleeting Bak Kut Teh cravings (or at least craving for some kickass soup) and today was one of those days. Frankly, we weren't expecting to find a gem like Koon Bak Kut Teh near our place and were all ready to have dinner at Boon Tong Kee but luck was on our side and we managed to get our fill of very yummy and peppery soup! (: For all the items below plus two cups of milk tea and two bowls of rice, we only paid $29.80, which is very affordable considering the fact that we get refillable soup and that the portions of dishes were decent. We are pleased as punch and I'm sure we will be trotting back to Koon's more often now that we know it's pretty near our place (: 


Till the next time! =P

Friday, July 18

Dates with Friends

Hello (:

I've most been going back to the same places for meals partly because the food served gives me simple joy and comfort (: So here are some snapshots of the food that I've been eating recently, most of which I've posted on instagram! (:

Date night at Chili's rocks

And we tried Coca Steamboat at Taka - it was not bad (:  

Timbre at Substation with close friends (: The live music was nice.  

 We really love going to Vegan Burg. Thank goodness for an outlet near our place. 

 P.S. Cafe never fails to satisfy either. 

And Brotzeit! I still miss the pancakes at Paulaners but I think the food at Brotzeit is pretty good (: 

TGIF! (: Back to school! (:

Sunday, July 13

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

On days when you can't really decide what to eat, some chilli crabs, fried mantous and dimsum (not pictured) might be good (:

Here's to a less crabby second half of 2014! (:

Sunday, July 6

The Cafe (The Mulia in Bali)

Hello (:

This shall be my last post for Bali and I'll move on to post other things! (: We had lunch at The Cafe in The Mulia hotel, which is very popular amongst tourists, and we found the entire experience relaxing and enjoyable partly because the cost is very affordable (we paid SGD$76 in total) and it was not very crowded on the day we visited hence we could talk at our normal voices and not have to queue up for certain popular dishes. The range of food, as expected, was huge but what really impressed us most is the freshness of their oysters and the excellent quality of their local dishes. I am a firm believer in eating local when I'm abroad because nothing beats their local dishes and our trip to The Cafe has once again proven me right (:

Since there's nothing else to talk about The Cafe, I'll leave you with photos:

Alright that's all for this weekend! Till the next! (:

Kayu Puti (St. Regis at Bali)

Hello! (:

I had no idea that two weeks went by since my last entry! I guess my hols was pretty much over once the fourth week of holidays set in because I was involved in school activities and school resumed right after that so it has indeed been a while since I last posted here! Nevertheless, I'm determined to finish my last two Bali posts - both buffet posts so they should be relatively easy and light to do (:

I'll share photos taken at our champagne brunch at Kaya Puti in this post and I'll post photos of another buffet lunch in my last Bali post the next time I blog.

The champagne brunch that we had at Kaya Puti was the most luxurious and filling meal that we had. In fact, I think it ranks as one of the top buffet meals I've had in my life to date because of its unique dining concept as well as its superb food (: Essentially, there are no buffet counters for you to walk to and select your food; instead, food will be brought around to you (think of it as a dimsum trolley kind of system) and you can request for items that you would like to try. There are also ala carte items (which will not be brought around to you) that you can order and the waiters/ waitresses will serve them to your table once they are ready (: What this means is that you will never have to get up from your seat if you don't wish to and you can focus completely on your food and enjoy the conversation and/ or company that you are having (: I guess the important thing is to pace yourself and to eat everything in moderation so that you will be able to try a wider range of food. Having said that, I doubt it's possible for anyone to try everything unless you visit Kayu Puti in a big group and everyone just takes a little mouthful of each dish. Heh.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed myself and I hope to go back again some day in future. Here are some photos we took at Kaya Puti:

One piece of advice is to make a reservation if you intend to dine with them because seating capacity is limited. What we did was to make a reservation via their website so you might want to try that as well (: 

Alright it's time to rest. Have a great Sunday! (: Goodnight!