Friday, May 30

Regular Haunts

This post shall be dedicated to the regular haunts near my place (: I still miss KAP and Macdonalds though.

Alright here are the photos of the food that I can get at these usual hangouts.. happy guessing where!

Last day of Semester 1 is going to be an extremely long one.. but we shall push to the finish! (: TGIF and happy weekend in advance! (:

Sunday, May 25

Tiffin Room

It's been a while since I went back to Tiffin Room for some good Indian food so last week, Matty and I decided to make a trip there since he has never been there before (:

It was a great day for some warm and spicy food because it was raining heavily so we couldn't be happier with our choice of lunch place.

The buffet lunch costs $60++/pax and it was generally on the pricey side, considering the range and quality of food. Nevertheless, I think we paid for ambience and for a quiet environment to chat and eat so it was alright (: Also, I have never really dared to try the many kinds of Indian desserts till last week! So it was quite exciting for me! I think the desserts are pretty interesting but they aren't something that I'll crave. Heh.

Here are some photos of the food we had:

Can't wait to have another great Sunday! (: Wheee

Friday, May 23

Little Diner


It's the final leg of term 2 and it is unexpectedly busy. Though I've been working for a few years already, I realise that I only get a sense of deja vu when I go through the similar phases each year.. somehow my memory has its way of wiping itself clean and only kicking in when it's time, which I guess is quite a good thing because it means that I spend most of my other time living in the moment (or so I would like to think).

However, the post-marking and post marks-check period has been rather kind in that it afforded me some time to meet up with friends whom I haven't met in a while.

A week or so ago, I met up with Nick at Little Diner, which is a cafe near my place and it serves relatively good food (: I know that I am not a fan of their truffle fries but their crab cakes are great!

We ordered two starters to share - crab cakes ($11.50) and calamari ($9.50) - and both didn't disappoint at all! (:

If you are a fan of mac and cheese, you have to order theirs! (: There are actually two choices and on that day, Nick chose to have the Version 2 Mac and Cheese ($19.50). Frankly speaking, I can't recall what the differences between the two different mac and cheese dishes are but this was absolutely creamy and cheesy! I was very thankful that we were sharing all our dishes because I would definitely not be able to finish this on my own since I'm not a huge fan of cheese. Nevertheless, it was tasty! (:

We were too cheesed out at the end of our meal to even have any dessert so we skipped that altogether. It was great catching up with Nick and I wish him all the best for his rather exciting plans for the future (:

Half a day more at school tomorrow and then I can welcome the weekend! (:

Monday, May 12

Taste Paradise

Hello (:

I've been consciously making the choice to spend time with people who matter these few days because I hardly ever have time during term time to meet up with people and catch up with them so these few days have been filled with social activities. Tomorrow will be siblings-day and I suspect we'll end up slouching in front of the teevee, eating pizza while having a Running Man marathon! Heh. It'll be a great way to end the long weekend (:

Am going to blog about my recent trip to Taste Paradise, which was only so-so because the usual steamed dimsums (e.g. the har gaos and the xiao long baos) were shockingly bad =( The skin of the dimsums stuck to the paper that lined the container that they came in so the dimsums' skin broke even before we could eat them. Ah well. Thankfully the rest of the dishes weren't so bad so on the whole, the experience was not too bad (:

Now for some photos:

Refillable Chrysanthemum Tea ($3.80 per pax) 

Complimentary pickles 

Wasabi Century Egg Cold Tofu ($8.80) - this was simple and nice (: 

Fried Pumpkin Pastry ($4.20)  

Deep fried prawn and mango rolls with mayo inside ($5.60) - this was very yummy! (: 

Steamed Chicken Feet ($4.20)  

 Fried tofu and anchovies ($8.80) 

Xiao Long Baos ($4.80) - disappointing 

 Har Gaos ($5.80) - equally disappointing 

Steamed rice rolls with scallops ($6.20)  

Steamed custard bun ($5.80) - always a favourite of mine (: 

All in all, I think there are hits and misses so you can take your chance when you dine at Taste Paradise (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a restful Vesak Day! (:

Saturday, May 10


Hello! (:

At the start of the year, my best friend and I went to Gunther's to try their set lunch and I found the food and service pretty good so I had been wanting to go back (: Lucky for me, the bubs decided to try Gunther's set lunch too so we went together on a relatively quiet afternoon for a treat! (:

We chose to have the 3-course $38++ set lunch instead of the 3-course set lunch with a glass of sommelier wine for $53++ primarily because we had other work to clear for the rest of the day (and I am allergic to alcohol)  (:

Here are some photos of the food that we had that day! For starters, we chose to have:

 Crispy egg, Provençale style


 Grilled scallop in mushroom cappuccino

The other option for starters would be: Salt-baked beetroot, grilled Alsace bacon, mesclun salad.

For mains, we chose to have:

 Tomato rice with mixed seafood


 Braised beef cheek, burgundy style

The third option for mains would be: Charcoal grilled Wagyu steak (additional S$20++)

For dessert, we decided to pay a little more to have the desserts of our choice instead of opting for the dessert of the day. The desserts that we had were:

the fine apple tart “à la dragées”, Havana rum raisin ice cream (additional S$8++)

& the Cheese Platter (additional S$10++)

We also had a complimentary cup of coffee/ tea with a plateful of petit fours! (: What a decadent way of ending the meal! (:

We were so full by the end of the meal that we had to walk around for a while before heading home. It was indeed a filling and delightful meal (: Hopefully we will have more time to indulge in longer meals and to have more time to talk and catch up when term ends.

Happy weekend everyone (: