Saturday, January 30

Let Jan Eat Cake

Hello (:

It's been an extremely long and eventful week and I'm very glad that the weekend is here. Recuperation is in order.

Gonna go to bed with good thoughts of all the kind and good people in my life (: Especially those who made the effort to drop me a message or to feed me with many extra calories. I love you all (:

Have a restful weekend! (:

Saturday, January 23


Hello (:

This week has been a super busy one and I'm thankful that the weekend is here! (: Truth be told, my timetable is more packed than usual this year so I don't really get much rest in school but it's been okay cos the kids under my charge are very pleasant and they make things alright when we're together (: I am also very grateful and thankful for understanding family members, who willingly acceded to my request to dine at a place that serves dessert cos I just wanted to have something sweet to eat after a long day at school. So to our favourite hangout we went, and what a scrumptious meal we had! (: I will highly recommend Chili's to anyone who wants a big, hearty, slightly above average Tex-Mex meal! It never fails us (or at least the branch that we frequent regularly does not)! (:

Have a happy weekend! (:

Sunday, January 17

The Lab

Hello (:

The first week of school was absolute madness cos there were just so many different things to attend to but I'm so thankful we survived (: Personally, I feel that the first week of school somehow tends to be the 'worst' possibly because we have to re-adapt to school life. The subsequent weeks are usually better because our systems have more or less gotten used to the rhythm and pace of school life.

Prior to all these madness, two of my kids brought me to The Lab for a meal! I hardly ever explore the Bugis area so I was quite surprised to see many murals on the wall and many other interesting shops! While waiting for them, I discovered Fluff, which was a bakery that I've always wanted to go to because I've heard so much about it, and so I bought cupcakes and cakes for all of us (:

The food at the lab was relatively affordable and I'd say that it's a good place for hanging out, except that it can get very crowded during meal times! I like that they partner with their sister cafe down the road so we could order their waffles, which was amazing! (:

If you are looking for a meal which costs you $12-20, you can definitely pop by The Lab for a filling experience (:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! (:

Sunday, January 3


Hello! (:

We've been having quality time and quality meals together to kick start the year and one of the places that we revisited was Shinjuku! This place serves good Japanese food at higher than average prices but it is worth paying more for fresh and well-prepared food! We will definitely be back in future (:

All the best to everyone in all that you choose to do this year! (: I'm sure we'll make 2016 an amazing year! (: