Sunday, August 30

Three Meals a Day & Kim's Family Restaurant

Last week was a week of stews because we had TWO hotpots in a week, which is a record because I don't particularly like hotpots. But we chose to eat more soupy things last week cos the bub was down with cough and we didn't want to agitate his system, hence we thought warm soupy food would be best.

We had gone to Kim's on two occasions but they were closed cos it was after meal hours (we have pretty odd eating times) so we decided to dine at Three Meals a Day, which turned out to be pretty decent though I really don't think I can ever tackle something as spicy as this again in the near future:

It was pretty torturous cos my tolerance for spicy food is extremely low =| I initially wanted to try to up my tolerance for spicy food because I'll be going to Korea at the end of the year but I think I'll just stick to being safe and boring. Haha

Thankfully, our stew pot at Kim's was much better for two main reasons - it was not spicy and the pot was filled with lots of ingredients that suited my taste! =P

We must remember not to ask for extra noodles at Kim's because the portion is already very large with 1 serving of noodles and there really is no need to pay $5 more for more noodles because we couldn't finish our food in the end! (Actually, even if we didn't ask for more noodles, I highly doubt that we could have finished our food anw cos there was just too much!)

Alright time to get off the comp and enjoy my Sunday! Happy weekend everyone (:

Friday, August 21

Al Qasr

Hello (:

It's the end of the work week and what better way to celebrate it than to have a feast! (: Because our good friend wanted to have kebab, we thought it would be nice to go to Al Qasr since they have pretty decent kebabs and they serve excellent starter platters! We also ordered cous cous which came with some kind of vegetable stew that was simple yet yummy!

We left the restaurant stuffed and contented =P Happy weekend everyone! (:

Sunday, August 16

Sunday Folks Ice-Cream

Hello everyone (:

Though this weekend feels unusually short (especially after last week's golden jubilee weekend), it has been a blast because we've been indulging in good food everyday =P  The "to have" item this weekend is ice-cream because we've had ice-cream every single day since Friday night! Heh.

Here's a photo of our salted caramel gula melaka ice-cream from the much raved about Sunday Folks! It was yummy but melted way too quickly in the sweltering heat! We're definitely well-fed and ready to take on the coming week!

Have a good week ahead! (:

Friday, August 14

8 Korean BBQ

Hello! (:

My good friends and I went to 8 Korean BBQ over the jubilee weekend for a celebratory feast and I was totally in awe of the technology that E!ght uses for cooking their meat! Not only is the cooking plate slanted so that the juices from the meat can flow down to the vegetable side dishes, there is a little gulley for the waitress to push the charred remnants from the previous round of cooking through so that the cooking plate can be clean again before the second round of cooking. Interestingly, the waitress uses a piece of radish to clean the plate; wow, I never knew that radish had such cleaning properties!  

On the whole, we were thoroughly satisfied with the food and service that we had that night. The slabs of meat that my friends got to eat looked really thick and juicy and they sang praises of their slices of meat so I guess the food was good (: To accommodate my dietary preferences, we ordered a huge portion of yummy seafood pancake as well as seafood tofu stew, both of which were filling and tasted great! The staff were friendly and they reacted quickly whenever we requested for something so it was nice.

Here are some photos of the dishes we had that night:

Yup that's all for now (: We shall look forward to the weekend! Happy Friday, everyone! (:

Wednesday, August 5

Ristorante de Valentino

Hello (:

We decided to indulge in a treat yesterday to celebrate my tummy feeling better and we went to Valentio's because we wanted to have some pasta/ risotto (:

I sometimes forget how wonderfully hearty Valentino's dishes are and my experience there yesterday was a timely reminder. I absolutely loved their warm, crusty bread and their incredibly fresh tomatoes. Their risotto was flavourful too but it got a little too cheesy/ too much for me so I didn't manage to finish it. I would highly suggest that you share the mushroom risotto if you ever decide to order it; it might go well with a lighter dish (i.e. some other dish without cream base or just some non-carbo dish) so perhaps we shall remember to do that next time (:

The room was slightly dark so we couldn't take good photos, but I guess these will have to do:

Absolutely can't wait for the Jubilee Weekend! Shall press on!