Thursday, June 16

Supply and Demand

Hello (:

We're currently having our break in HCMC, and I'm really appreciating the short respite from work. Prior to our leaving Singapore, we had a quick meal at Supply and Demand because we had to finish our meal before catching Les Mis.

Because our time at Supply and Demand was short, we decided to order only these two dishes to ensure that we could make it in time for our musical. The pita was wonderfully made but the pasta as average. On the whole, we both liked the food enough to want to go back to try more dishes! =D

That's all for a super short update! Have a good rest of the week while we continue to rest and chill in HCMC (:

Saturday, June 11

Patties and Wiches

Hello (:

We have been visiting my favourite mall quite often lately cos we have been running quite a few errands and it's most convenient to just pop by a place where you know you can get (almost) everything that you need/ want.

Before we started our errands-run the other day, we dropped by Patties and Wiches cos we kept eyeing it while on the escalator to/ from Kino! Turns out that it's a very decent cafe to go for light Japanese-type buns and treats! The melon soda was unique because they actually blended some lemon into the soda water so you can taste the real fruit while you sip your soda. The burger and sandwich were very filling, in fact, they made us so full that we had to give their much-raved about desserts a miss cos we were just so stuffed! Oh welly, another time perhaps!

Can't believe that the hols are flying by -- almost half of it is over! Gonna cherish the remaining days before mayhem begins again! Happy weekend, everyone! (:

Wednesday, June 8


Hello (:

I'm thankful that the first week of hols is somewhat done and dusted cos there were so many activities that took place in the first week that it didn't really feel like the hols have begun! We are thankful for a few days of flexi-time, where we can sort out our big project and do whatever it is that we need to do before we fly off on Sunday!

I must say that I have been feeling more grateful than usual to have a companion that not only understands that I have a gazillion things to do, but who makes the extra effort to give me a peace of mind so that I can do the things that I do. So thank you bubs! These meals go out to you! (:

As you can see, we've been pretty impressed by the food and drinks served at Pacamara! We keep going back! =P

To more food adventures with bubs! Happy hump day, everyone! (: