Thursday, January 30

The Cajun Kings and Wimbly Lu

Hello (:

I turned 28 on 28th of January and like all other birthdays that came before, this birthday was nothing short of special (: I really love birthdays cos they're such happy occasions (: You get to share and eat food with people you love and you get to spend time with people who matter.

Colleagues and kids in school were extremely lovely and they went out of their way to make my birthday a blast (: There were gifts and celebrations and I must say that I'm impressed with the kids' ingenuity and creativity (: They truly are the reason why I love my job so much and I can never thank them enough for being in my life (:

The Limmies went to The Cajun Kings in the evening for dinner and the entire experience was novel and interesting! (: The seafood was fresh and surprisingly filling and everyone had a great time eating with our hands and without any cutlery, save for the wooden hammer you see below (if you consider that 'cutlery'). I must thank those who chipped in to pay for this very sumptuous meal - thank you so much (: (: (:

After dinner, we popped by next door to Wimbly Lu to have some desserts! (: Having heard about this place for ages, I was quite pleased that we finally made a trip there to have their much-raved about desserts! I think their waffles are deserving of mention because they are so light and fluffy! (: We chose to have it with salted caramel icecream, which turned out to be an awesome choice! The new-tella tart and root beer chocolate cake were hits too! (: All in all, we were very satisfied with our desserts. Photos taken at Wimbly Lu:

After feasting, we took a slow walk to Serangoon MRT station and then took public transport home because we couldn't get a maxi cab to fit all of us! I really enjoyed walking and chatting with my favourite people in the world and the perfect weather was icing on the cake that night (:

Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday and who made the effort to be around/ celebrate my birthday in one way or another. I'm truly blessed and I'm fortunate to have all of you in my life. Much love! (:

Happy Lunar New Year! (:

Saturday, January 25

Necessary Provisions

Hello (: 

On some days when things don't go too well, I repeatedly tell myself that things will get better, and if all else fails, there's always the weekend to look forward to (: 

One thing in my life that hasn't changed for some years now, which I'm quite thankful for, is my usual weekend routine. I absolutely love having all the time to myself so that I can plan what I want to do, without having to plan my time around certain events/ meetings/ meet-ups so I try my very best to keep my weekends free if possible. Of course I will fork out time to meet close friends but because I tend to meet them for lunch/ dinner, my routine doesn't get disrupted too much (: 

Having said that though, I've to ditch my weekend routine sometimes because of work commitment, some friend-ly social commitment or simply because I have to catch up on sleep! This is when things get a bit tricky because my schedule will become a tad wonky. When that happens, I sometimes do not know where to go or what to eat because I'll be caught food-less at a strange time.. so most of the time, I'll just think of where I can pop by to eat and more often than not, I'll just try to go somewhere near because I can only hold my hunger pangs out for that long. 

So on one of those wonky/ strange/ messed-up-schedule days, we decided to go to Necessary Provisions to try out their food because we've heard many good reviews. We went at an odd time yet there were still many people, probably because it's the weekend. Thankfully, we managed to secure our seats without having to wait - guess we were lucky! (: 

Hot Chocolate ($6) - it was surprisingly yummy (: Definitely something to order if you need something to manage your hunger pangs while waiting for your food. 

Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich ($9). I don't really like to have tomatoes with my sandwiches but I guess this was okay (: The bread was very doughy so it was filling. I would say that this sandwich is large for the price paid, but I didn't particularly enjoy the taste. Perhaps I'll try something else in future (: 

Pastrami Sandwich ($9). Matty enjoyed eating this beef sandwich so I'm guessing it can't be too bad (: I think it helped that the bread was lightly toasted? In any case, I think this can be a simple meal if you need a meaty-sandwich fix! (:  

Sticky Cinnamon Cake ($3). It was moist and slightly 'wet' because of the apple. The cinnamon taste is strong and on the whole, it lived up to its name because it was cinnamony and sticky =P Am alright with it but it's not something that I'll rave about. 

On the whole, the meal was satisfying in that it satiated our hunger but I didn't think that the food was fantastic. Perhaps I didn't order the 'right' items on the menu. No matter, we can always drop by again in future to try their 'signature' dishes (:

Alright it's time to sleep. Goodnight! (:

Thursday, January 16


I really love the food served at L'espresso's high tea buffets, and I love it that I always feel happy and at ease when I dine there.


To more happy days and more happifying food (:

Tuesday, January 14

Boon Tong Kee

Hello (:

Life's been really hectic since the year started but I'm hoping that things will be a tad slower this week compared to last week, so that I can catch up on whatever that I was supposed to do last week but couldn't due to Orientation duties (:

Anyhow, I gave myself a full day break on Saturday so that I could get over the exhausting but rewarding first week (: We had wanted to go to Kim's Family Restaurant for dinner but it was extremely packed so we walked to Boon Tong Kee to have dinner there instead (: It was a first for us and it was surprisingly good! (: Would totally recommend going to this place if you want some yummy Chinese food (: I didn't keep the receipt so I've no idea how much these dishes cost! Shall post photos for keepsake instead (:

Shall sleep now! (: Will update again when I can! (: