Monday, June 23

TAPA at The Bale

Hello! (:

When we first arrived at The Bale and saw TAPA, we wondered if there was a misspelling in their restaurant name because it seemed to be missing a "s'". And frankly speaking, we were quite hesitant to visit TAPA because it didn't look like it was very popular and the live music wasn't particularly good. However, we decided on whim to go to TAPA for dinner one night and we were in awe of the food that was served (: We liked the food and the ambience so much that we actually went back the next night to try more dishes! =P So here are the photos of our food. Once again, pardon the quality cos the lighting was very low and we did what we could (:

Have a great week ahead! (:

Sunday, June 22

Faces at The Bale

Hello! (:

This post shall be dedicated to Faces Restaurant at The Bale, which has fed us very well during our short stay (: I don't think we have had a single bad dish at Faces, and we are always amazed at how they manage to make our food tastes so good. At this point in time, I'm still dreaming of their kickass fluffy pancakes that were absolutely delectable. Will look forward to my next breakfast by the pool! (:

For now, here are some photos:

On our first night, we decided to order room service and we were full of praise for the food served (: Here are some pics of what we had in our villa (sorry for the poor quality - the villa's lighting isn't the best for photo-taking!) (:

I reckon I'll do 3 more Bali-related posts and then move on to recording the food treats that I have had in Sg recently (:

I know that many people think that I just eat and eat more (good) food and that this seems to be my hobby or passion. I don't deny that it is - I love eating. But I think being able to indulge in this manner also constantly reminds me that I am indeed a very fortunate/ blessed person because despite the challenges and difficult times I've had, I still live a good life, and I am always thankful for it. (:

Saturday, June 21

Sardine at Seminyak, Bali

Hello! (:

I finally have some time to blog about the wonderful food that we had during our short stay in Bali (: I used to enjoy going away for a longer period of time during June because it's summer in most places and the weather's perfect for sightseeing but I'm slowly starting to appreciate shorter trips where I get to do absolutely nothing at all or anything that I want actually (:

This is my second time in Bali and we decided to stay at the Nusa Dua area this time round because we wanted to just rest and not have to deal with throngs of people (: We stayed at this hotel called The Bale, which is perfect because it is essentially a small establishment with very clean, cosy and comfortable villas (: The restaurant (called Faces) and chill-out place cum bar (called Tapa) served surprisingly good food and I will probably blog about that in my next entry. In short, I'm super thankful that QTB actually found this place for us to stay at! (:

This blog post will feature this restaurant that we travelled 50mins by taxi to reach, which is called Sardine, and it is located at Seminyak Bali. The first and only time we were here, Sardine blew us away with their exceptionally flavourful and fresh seafood so we decided to make the trip to return. In addition, they have a spectacular paddy field, which is perfect for photo-taking but we realised that the padi-field was cleared this time round due to the recent drought.

Anyhow, the meal this time didn't disappoint either and I ingested so much lobster that I think I might just abstain from it for a very long time.

Alright enough descriptions, time for photos! (:

Photos of Sardine and what it looks like (it's an open-air restaurant):

Photos of the food we had: 

Very generous bread basket with yummy bread 

This has a fancy name but to me, it's smoked salmon with olives, capers, onions, fresh vegetables on pita bread  

Our huge fish that is prepared 'butterfly' style 

And this was the big lobster which we shared. The 'highlight' was that when it was brought out for our viewing (to let us check if it's okay in size and all), it actually flicked its tail at us and some water ended up being flicked at us. How unwelcoming. Ha. 

The rice and sauces that accompanied our food 

The humongous amount of food that we had. 

The meal certainly lived up to our expectations and we were very pleased and very full by the end of lunch. I managed to take a photo of their name card this time round so if you would like to visit Sardine when you are in Bali, you can take down this address:  

Alright that's all for now! (: Will blog again about the restaurants at The Bale and other yummy food soon! (:

Saturday, June 7

Pizzeria Mozza

Hello (:

The hols are FINALLY here! I say "finally" because the first week of hols didn't really feel like hols since I had some school-related thing to settle almost every single day so it wasn't till last night that I felt that the hols had truly begun. Even though I still have some other things that I need to attend to next week, I am relieved that I don't have to go down to school so I'm quite happy about that (:

Our 45th anniversary dinner turned out pretty well and I think it surpassed my expectations thanks to the councillors and table friends! (: I think everyone had quite a good time, and kids who managed to take a selfie with PM Lee were noticeably happy as they were beaming throughout the night! (:

A few of us went to Pizzeria Mozza yesterday for lunch to catch up and I enjoyed myself thoroughly as usual (: I really appreciate the company and the advice that I get from this group of friends and I feel very privileged that I got to know them somehow (:

Pizzeria Mozza was crowded as usual and I'm actually quite surprised that people have time for such long lunches! The food is still good as usual though we had to wait for quite a long while for our pizza to arrive. Here are some pictures of the food we had:

Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme pizza ($30) 

 White anchovy, tomato & fresh red chiles pizza ($28)

 Buricotta with peperonata,olive Taggiasche & oregano pizza ($26)

Butterscotch budino, Maldon sea salt & rosemary pine nut cookies ($16)

Can't wait for the real holidays to begin! Whoohoo!