Sunday, February 23

Peach Blossoms

Hello! (:

I seldom have Chinese food when I go out but when I do, I usually have dimsum or something that is simple (i.e. a one-dish meal like fried rice or noodles) so that I won't have to face the pressure of having to finish so many dishes (since in my opinion, Chinese meals tend to be about ordering a variety of dishes to share).

Last weekend was out of the ordinary though because I had nothing but Chinese food all weekend! It was surprisingly good and I think I ought to try adding Chinese cuisine into my food choices more often from now on (:

We started off our Chinesey weekend by visiting Peach Blossoms for lunch, and the experience was very satisfying (: The restaurant is quite small but it is quite quiet so we managed to get some peace during our meal.

Caramelised cashew nuts ($3). We were starving when we arrived so these nuts were a lifesaver (: I generally like cashew nuts so I was happy to see them on the table! 

Almond Fish Maw Soup ($20). This was stunningly good! I saw this on their 'recommended dishes' list and thought to give it a try and I'm thankful I did! It's probably one of the most interesting soups I've tasted and it is worth going back there for more! I must admit though it was quite disorienting to taste salty soup instead of the usual sweet soup mainly because I think I have been accustomed to associate almond-ish soup base with the almond-cream dessert, but I got used to it after a while.

Mango Prawn Rolls ($6.20). This was good too (: I think it's quite a standard dish at most dimsum places.

Har Gao ($6.80). Nothing to shout about too, pretty normal.

Crystal Dumpling filled with Truffle Mushrooms ($11.80). I liked this dish a lot because each dumpling was stuffed with mushrooms! (: I love mushrooms! The truffle smell was also strong and the dumplings had a very rich taste and it was surprisingly filling. A must try! (:

Steamed custard buns ($6.80). I wasn't impressed with the custard buns because the custard wasn't very well-mixed and there was oil (?) floating above the custard when we pulled the buns open.

Xiao Long Baos ($6.80). These were pretty normal too.  

Scallop Rolls (6.80). These were good! There was a blend of different textures and flavours so I liked this dish a lot.

The waitress recommended two popular desserts and we went ahead with her recommendations:

Avocado Puree with Chocolate Ice-cream ($14). The combination was great as the flavours complemented each other (: I would never expect chocolate icecream to go well with avocado puree but this dish proved me wrong (: Definitely worth having again!

Mango Sago ($14). This was also interesting because instead of the usual mango ice-cream, they chose to use lime sorbet (: Gives a twist and an added zinginess to the entire dessert! (:    

I am really thankful for good food and great company (: These are the things that I look forward to during the weekend! (: Alright, have a great Sunday! (:

Tuesday, February 18

Snapshots of Some Yummy Meals

Hello (:

I've been quite busy recently so I haven't been updating this space =| Will do so once I get a mini breather! In the mean time, I shall post some photos of some yummy dishes that I have had in February (: As you can probably tell, I'm still a risotto fan =P

Have a good week ahead! (: (: (:

Saturday, February 8

Black Angus

Hello (:

Though I don't eat steak (and I don't think I've ever had steak in my entire life), I understand it when my friends or family members have steak cravings - to me, it just means that they want to have a slab of really solid meat. On those days, I always think that no other kind of meat will measure up to a juicy steak, and we must have steak no matter what otherwise the craving won't be satisfied. So a couple of weekends ago, that steak craving struck, and off to Black Angus we went again, because we can always rely on them to serve us decent steak.

Because we were quite hungry and we knew that our order would take a while to come, we chose to have the breaded mushrooms ($11.50) for starters and it is a great choice because they are essentially juicy mushrooms that are covered with a layer of fried batter and they complement each other so well! (: Was absolutely blown away by this dish and we polished every button mushroom off before our other dishes came (:

On that day, I chose to have the Pasta Set Lunch ($23.90), which comes with a salad, a main course (seafood pasta in this case) and a slice of chocolatey brownie for dessert! (: Very worth it if you ask me (: I think you would appreciate this if you want something substantial! (: Here are the photos of my lunch, which were delicious and filling:

Of course, my lunch buddy had his craving satisfied! (: He ordered a 12oz Rib-Eye Steak ($49.90) which was extremely filling, partly because of the very generous side dishes (: 

All in all, we were pleased with our meal and we were stuffed to the brim by the end of it! Thankfully, we decided to go for a walk after this meal to walk off some of the food (:

Am looking forward to more happy meals (: Have a good weekend! (:

Saturday, February 1

Greenhouse Sunday Buffet at the Ritz-Carlton

Hello (:

We suffered an unnecessarily dramatic day and I'm still reeling from it and trying to shake off the mighty unpleasantness of the entire affair but I'm hopeful that the rest of the weekend will not be like this.

Onto happier matters, my good friend and colleague treated me to a very expensive Sunday buffet brunch at Greenhouse last week to celebrate my birthday (: I was told that there would be A LOT of food so I should try to get hungry, a task that's not too difficult for me to achieve.

Since I don't eat meat and I don't drink, I felt a teensy bit stressed because the meal was exorbitant and I didn't want to 'waste money' by eating the more affordable dishes, which I usually end up doing because I absolutely adore carbs and sweet things =| So I tried my best to eat the 'expensive' dishes to try to justify the hefty price he had to pay. Ha!

Anyway, this buffet is great for people who want/ like free flow champagne and lotsa meat! (: What I particularly loved about this buffet is that it isn't that crowded (probably because it's so expensive =X) and that the ambience is nice. I like the chilled out atmosphere and the fact that the waitresses and waiters are unobtrusive. Really made it much easier to just chat and eat and get around to get more food and chat and eat some more (:

Here are some photos taken that day:

Thank you, LC, for the treat (: It was great being able to talk and eat so much on a relatively relaxing Sunday afternoon! (:

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! (: