Sunday, September 28

Paulaner Brauhaus

Hello (:

Marking season has commenced and I'll not be as active as I would like to be on this blog and I suspect that my entries might be shorter than usual, but I'll do my best to post some photos when I take a break from work so that cobwebs won't gather here =D

Last weekend, I went to Paulaner Brauhaus to celebrate my belly good friend's birthday and boy was it a FEAST! There was just SO MUCH MEAT and there was free flow beer so I would highly recommend their Sunday brunch to all carnivorous and beer-guzzling friends/ people (: What I liked most about Paulaner is its chillax atmosphere and the fact that there aren't many diners so it wasn't as noisy/ crowded as the other lunch/brunch places. It's definitely worth a visit when you are ravenous but otherwise, you might want to give it a miss. There was plenty of other non-meaty stuff for me to eat too so I left feeling full and satiated as well (:

Here are some photos taken last week during brunch:

Alright it's late and I should head to bed. Have a great weekend everyone! (:

Saturday, September 20


Hello! (:

Today was a glorious day cos we managed to get a little exercise in the morning, go for a good lunch, have a nap and then go to town to get things that we need and also to look at the new iPhones (:

Everywhere was crowded as usual so we chose to eat at Cedele, which never fails to disappoint in my opinion. The food's not fantastic but it's average/ good (:

Today, we tried new dishes such as the two that are featured below:

Yellow Crab Pasta, which had a light lontong-y taste because of the sauce and tumeric! But it's surprisingly light and nice (:

Their famous blueberry pancakes with 2 generous scoops of ice-cream! (: I chose to have the early grey and fig as well as the salted caramel and they were both GREAT! (: Would go back there just to have these two flavours any time! (:

Shall end off here and clear some other things before going to bed! Tomorrow'll be an exciting day! (: Wheee.

Friday, September 19

Casa Verde

Am so thankful that it's the end of week 1.. and am also thankful for the great dinner and post-dinner walk at my favourite place! (:

Goodnight world! (:

Saturday, September 13


Hello (: 

The September break is ending and I think it has been a good break because I had few disturbances and I managed to meet my friends and had some time to do things I like (: But I must admit that my strange insomnia attack was a bit of a mood dampener =| I frankly have no idea how or why it happened - it just did. I am hoping that it will go away so that I can sleep at regular hours again and recalibrate my very off bio-clock. If I can't do that before school starts, I know I can trust school to set my clock right again =P 

We went to Boomerang a while ago for brunch and boy was it crowded on a weekend! I think we were very lucky to get a table because all around us were families and friends and babies in babyseats and babystrollers eating, chatting, sleeping (okay, only the babies were sleeping) and basically having a nice weekend afternoon together! I reckon we wouldn't have gotten a table if we were just that bit later cos we didn't make a reservation. 

We ordered a banana smoothie ($10) and I regretted it because it was possibly the worst banana smoothie I have had in my life =| It tasted very milky and it was very thin, with little to no hint of banana at all! Oh well. I know better than to order a smoothie the next time I visit Boomerang.

He had the Coolangatta ($17), which basically (to me) is a cool name for 'big breakfast'. I think it tasted average, he didn't rave about it or anything so I guess it was alright (: Simple and does the job of filling the tummy! 

Oh and I was on my french toast ($12) craze then so obviously I had that. Their french toast is unlike others because it is stuffed with dried fruits like raisins and apricot if I'm not wrong so the french toast isn't soft and fluffy but chock-full with fruits! I didn't mind it at all and thought it was something different from the rest, though I wished the toasts were served warm!

Alright I shall log off now and try to sleep at the correct time tonight (: Have a great Sunday ahead!

Monday, September 8


Hello (:

Jo and I met up today for some yummy vegetarian food at Sufood! (: I was pleasantly surprised that my  4-course set lunch only cost $18++ (which added up to $21.50 or so). The food tasted pretty good and we felt relatively 'healthy' after eating their food because everything tasted quite light, including the baked macaroni dish that I had as my main course! (:

They are pretty busy during lunch time though so it is advisable to go before the crowd comes or to make a reservation way in advance. Alright shall leave photos of the dishes that I had!

We'll be traipsing to the east tomorrow for some Indian food! Wheee (: I love the holidays.

Saturday, September 6

The Missing Pan (Dinner)

Hello! (:

I spent yesterday vegetating away till I could take it no longer and decided to meet a special person for our kickass dinner and then a trip to a pasar malam! Hahaha I know it sounds so trivial and mundane but in all honesty, I haven't been to a pasar malam in ages so it was quite a nice experience revisiting a feature that is closely associated with growing up (:

Sorry I have digressed. The rest of this post has nothing to do with dinner last night or pasar malams but I just thought to put that in so that I can remember what I did when I decide to read my blog from time to time (:

Not too long ago, Bubs and I decided to go to The Missing Pan for an early dinner partly cos I was starving and partly cos I wanted to try more of their breakfasty/ brunchy food but as luck would have it, they only served dinner-ish food during dinner time! Erps. Sounds duh but trust me, I really had no clue. Anyhow, since I was already starving, I decided to just stay put and try some items on their dinner menu and in some way, I guess it's good that we tried cos now we know that we should only go there for breakfast/ brunch food! =P

Dinner started pretty well with complimentary bread that was warm and crusty. Their butter was also yummy (it's garlic butter if I'm not wrong) so we were quite pleased to have some bread to chow on while waiting for our mains to arrive.

In the mean time, I also had a cup of hot mocha ($6.50), which was great to me cos it helped to stave off the hunger pangs a little more. 

Since I have not had risotto for a while, I decided to try their Garden Risotto ($24), which was perhaps a tad too healthy for my palate! Haha Don't get me wrong, I love my greens and all but this had little taste and I had to ask for salt to make the dish more flavourful! One thing that is good though is that the serving is generous so you will DEFINITELY be stuffed if you, like me, managed to finish the entire bowl of veggies and risotto single-handedly. Haha

 Bubs had the Braised Beef Bowl ($34), which is interesting because he never had braised beef served in a bread bowl before. The beef was good but I think there wasn't enough sauce to dip the bread in so in the end, he asked for more butter and I think that did the trick (: We both noticed that many people who ordered this dish didn't manage to finish their bread (I don't think anyone can, really - there is just too much of it) so we felt that it was quite a waste of good bread. Oh welly. 

We also decided to order a cake for dessert since their tarts were such stunners! We went for the Coffee Cheesecake ($6.70) and it was really solid. The bottom layer tasted more like a brownie base than a cake base, and it was a tad too hard to be cake. The cheesecake layer was also pretty decent - it wasn't overly cheesy nor sweet, but at the same time, the cheesecake wasn't as smooth as expected. On the whole, this was average to good. The serving size was huge as always so we had a hard time finishing this, especially after our super filling mains!

All in all, I think there dinner dishes are decent though there's nothing much to shout about. I would certainly prefer to visit The Missing Pan at non-dinner times instead (: Thankful for this place nevertheless cos at least it is another option for me when I don't feel like travelling too far (:

Alright that's all for now. Happy weekend! (: