Monday, October 31

Learning to Cook

Hello (:

Things have been pretty quiet here cos I've been busy with a whole host of activities and I've only recently been able to catch up on some rest and to try to find a new routine that I am comfortable with.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened of late is that I'm starting to learn to cook! (: Prior to the past week, I hardly ever cooked a proper meal because I simply do not know where the different things are placed in the kitchen. Now that we have our own training kitchen, I have no excuses to not learn to cook!

So far, I've made really simple dishes such as pasta with vegetables and mushrooms as well as a tofu and mushroom burger and thankfully they taste relatively okay! Haha I shall continue to endeavour to expand the kinds of food that I can cook and also to improve the taste and quality of the dishes!

I also need to work on my prep skills (because I take forever to prep) and my multi-tasking skills while cooking (cos I keep getting distracted by the need to do washing -- so either I leave the washing till later or that I learn to wash things more quickly); so I need to focus on doing the things that I'm supposed to be doing better!

Alright that's all for now (: Shall update again when I have the time! Busy week ahead but we'll take it as it comes! Have a good week, everyone! (: