Friday, August 31

Happy Teachers' Day!

Thank you to all who wished me happy teachers' day as well as gave me all these cards and gifts (: I am truly appreciative. Thank you for being a part of my life and for making me love what I do! Have a great September break! (:

Sunday, August 26


Hello everyone (:

I think I might one day be able to cover all the dishes served at Chums because we keep going back there for more! It certainly doesn't help that Chums is so nearby so everytime we're lazy to go far for food, Chums becomes our default choice!

We just went there yesterday for dinner but we didn't bring our camera so we didn't get to take photos of our food. Their dinner menu's very different from their day time menu and it's worth a try if you are in the mood for some western food!

Anyhow, here are some photos taken during one of our lunches:

Cappuccino ($5.50)

Orange juice ($7) - as you can tell, we're quite boring when it comes to drink choices.

I finally succumbed and ordered eggs benedict ($15.90) - I absolutely LOVE their toast! The eggs were alright except that the hollandaise sauce was a little too thick and creamy for my liking.

The scrambled eggs with bacon ($12.90) was very well received because the diner absolutely loves the way the eggs were done!

The famous Chums Burger ($15.90), which was also very well done. I love their fries! (: If I'm not wrong, they've daily Chums deals and the burger is on that list! Great way to entice people to check Chums out!

I think we love their fries a tad too much so we ordered cheesy fries ($5.50) to share. I'm not a fan of that cheesy sauce thingy but it wasn't too bad (: Great side for sharing!

Alright I need to prep for school and I desperately need to get well! Hate it when I fall ill once/ twice a year cos I take so long to recover. Blah. Thank goodness I'm healthy on other days!

Okay that's all for today. Have a great week ahead! (:

Sunday, August 19

Chili's Grill & Bar

Hello (:

It feels great to be able to take time out to blog instead of having to rush to do many things (including rest and play and prep for school) because we've one more day off tomorrow! (: Most people I know appreciate this long weekend and I am no exception!

If you're planning to have a hearty meal with your friends any time soon and if you are a fan of western/ mexican-ish type of food, I'd suggest that you head down to Chili's because you'll not be disappointed!

Last weekend, we went to Tanglin Mall because we had wanted to eat at one of my favourite cafes but because the queue was too long, we decided to hop over to Chili's - a decision that we were both okay with since we had never eaten at Chili's before! The atmosphere in Chili's is similar to Black Angus, Outback Steakhouse and Hard Rock Cafe - it's slightly dark and you get the sense that it'll be a popular hangout place in the evenings where people come together to eat, drink and chat. Pretty chillax in tha sense so it's not intimidating at all.

We actually walked all the way from Takashimaya to Tangli Mall (because I somehow thought that they were quite close geographically, oops) and by the time we reached Chili's, we were both in need of a thirst-quenching drink! Their lemonade and strawberry lemonade ($6 per glass) were 'recommended' so we thought to give them a try but frankly, the lemonades were one of the worst we've had so I don't think I'll recommend anyone these drinks! One good thing about ordering drinks at Chili's is that most of their non-alcoholic drinks are refillable! I shall order Sprite the next time I return!

This dish almost eluded my attention when I was looking through the menu but I am thankful I caught it just before I made my order because it was extremely satisfying! This quesadilla veggie ($18) is not only affordable, it also tastes great! In fact, I think it's one of the better quesadillas I've had! Yumyum. The only problem I had was that I wasn't able to finish the entire meal on my own (trust me - it's ginormous!) but I still could eat most of it so it's fine (: Would definitely love to have a quesadilla party in future!

Matty chose to have the half BBQ ribs ($29), which came with 2 sides (he chose mashed potatoes and fries) and we were gobsmacked the second time round when we saw the portion size! Seriously, I think 2 people can share 1 starter, 1 main course and 1 dessert instead of ordering 2 main courses because if you do the latter, you cannot possibly have a starter or a dessert unless you're ravenous! He was very pleased with his ribs and we were also pretty impressed by their mash and fries! Good combination if you are quite a carbs-lover like myself! (:

We would definitely go back again some time in the near future to try their desserts but this time, we'll be a little wiser and share a main so that we can have space for dessert (and if we're hungry, perhaps some nachos?). Alright that's all for now! Bye!

Saturday, August 18

Marche @Raffles CIty

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted anything because I've been caught up with work! I visited Marche at Somerset 313 just now for a late dinner and I was reminded that I've a blogpost about my experience at the new Marche outlet at Raffles City awaiting to be written so here it is now!

We visited Marche @Raffles City a couple of weeks ago by mistake. We had wanted to have Oriole's weekend brunch but as luck would have it, we missed our stop so we decided to head towards the City Hall area, which on hindsight wasn't too bad a choice!

The seating capacity of this new outlet isn't too big but the restaurant does maintain it's cottage-y feel. Unlike the other Marche outlets, this restaurant is a normal sit-down restaurant, which means that we need not use the card-system here.

Marche serves breakfast till 12noon on weekends and we were pretty unlucky in that we arrived at 12 on the dot so we had to order from their rather limited lunch menu instead.

Matty chose to have the Beef Crepe ($16.50), which tasted pretty much like the other crepes at the other outlets while

I chose to have the banana nutella crepe with vanilla ice cream ($12.50). Though their crepes are nothing spectacular, I can't help but always order it for my main course because I absolutely love having a huge sweet main course to myself! Not to mention, it was at Marche that I first fell in love with sweet crepe so I have a tendency to always order this whenever I visit Marche. The nutella spread is something quite new because I've not had it at the other outlets and since I'm a chocolate fan, the nutella suited my taste very well.

Perhaps the best part of the meal was, as usual, desserts! We were feeling greedy so we decided to go for the Baked Apple Tart ($12.50), thinking it would be something that packed a punch since it cost so much! It turns out to be oven baked apple slices pizza bread! It came with a pair of sharp scissors so we could cut the pizza up in any shape and size that we wanted. We both agreed that the pizza bread was PERFECTLY done - chewy, fragrant and completely delicious! (: I think this is definitely worth going back for!

I think I would still prefer going to the other two Marche outlets as the range of food served at those two outlets is much bigger but for the baked apple tart, I might consider going back to Marche @Raffles City from time to time (:

Alright it's time to sleep. Goodnight!

Wednesday, August 8


Hello (:

We continued our trawl around our neighbourhood and landed up at Wishbone on one fateful afternoon. Definitely not our top choice for a lunch venue but due to a combination of many other unfortunate reasons, we ended up there and we hoped that we would at least be treated to some decent tasting grub after our short walk in the rain.

This restaurant has apparently survived decades at the basement of Bukit Timah Plaza but the queer thing is that I had never been enticed to visit Wishbone. Prior to this visit, I think I've been there on two other occasions and I don't recall the food being particularly good or bad. If you do not remember what your food tasted from a particular restaurant tasted like, count yourself lucky -- you have forgotten.

Since chicken rice was one of the 'chef recommended dishes', we decided to order it and thankfully it was actually okay! The chicken, my dear friend says, was a little tough but the rice was oh-so-fragrant! (: I helped to finish 1/4 bowl of yummy rice! I am not a rice person but I think I like flavoured rice.. hmm. Shall try more types of rice to find out.

The fried hokkien mee, on the other hand, was something that you would never want to order. I had thought that I'd be treated to 'homecooked' kind of hokkien mee but I was wrong. The gravy didn't stick to the noodles at all and it tasted pretty bland and unflavourful. It was possibly one of the worst plate of fried hokkien mee I've eaten in my life and I'll never order this again.

We also shared an overpriced bowl of pulut hitam! =S It wasn't particularly bad but it was definitely not stunningly good either; just plain average. This bowl of 'traditional' dessert was really not worth the money.

I think Wishbone is not too bad a place to go to if you don't mind having something just to fill your tummy but don't expect anything out of the ordinary. It serves a wide variety of local and western dishes so you might find something to suit your taste! Also, there are pretty affordable set lunches which I think is quite worth it! Personally, I wouldn't go back too often if I can help it but at least I know that there's a back up place to go to if I need to desperately satisfy my hunger.

Alright that's all for now! (: Have a great National Day holiday! (:

Saturday, August 4

Indian Curry House

Having lived at my current home for more than a decade, one would think that I would have tried most if not all the different foods available in the area which I lived. That is obviously not true. I've always passed by the row of shops near 6th avenue facing the main street, looked at the various restaurants and cafes lined up there and told myself, repeatedly, that one day I'll visit one of these restaurants before they (touch wood) close down.

Apart from the few times that I visited The Tea Party cafe, I have never eaten at any other restaurant along that short stretch so when the opportunity arose last weekend, I decided to pop into one of the two Indian restaurants there.

Why I chose to have my meal at Indian Curry House instead of the other is a mystery to me. I guess we were still deciding whether to have Indian food for lunch while we were walking by the first restaurant so by the time we made up our minds, we were at the entrance of Indian Curry House so we decided to walk in.

There is a little 'play area' with simple toys like the ones above for toddlers who possibly would like to entertain themselves while waiting for the food or while eating.

Coned and cold papadam. Somehow this papadam was thicker than usual and while I found the presentation interesting, it didn't taste very different from the usual except that it might be slightly saltier.

Mint yoghurt and orange chutney sauce to go with the papadam and our food. I realised I love orange chutney! (:

Double or nothing - lime juice ($4/ glass). Not freshly squeezed and a bit too concentrated for my liking.

An aerial view of all the dishes that we ordered! From left in clockwise direction: Dal Makhani Khaas ($12.90), Palak Paneer (which is spinach paneer, $13.90), Garlic and Butter Naan ($3.50 for each type), Butter Chicken ($16.90). What I absolutely loved about our selection of dishes is that it consisted of varying types of sauces that we could dip our naan in! It was my first time trying spinach paneer and though it looks pretty intimidating, it actually tastes fine! The thing about Indian sauces is that they look very little but they are extremely filling! We left feeling bloated and full.

Frankly, I wouldn't say that this was the best Indian food that I've had but it's decent. Price-wise, it's not really worth it to have Indian food at Indian Curry House so perhaps you might want to consider somewhere else instead.

Alright that's all (: Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 1

Triple Three

A couple of weeks ago, one of my sisters came back from Korea and we decided to go out for a 'Welcome Back' meal (: It was pure coincidence that our choice of restaurant that night offered a wide variety of (non-Korean) food because it allowed my sister to eat all the non-Korean food that she was somewhat deprived of during her temporary stay in Korea. We wanted somewhere where we didn't have to rush and where the dinner crowd wasn't unbearably noisy so we ended up at Triple Three.

The buffet dinner at Triple Three costs $118++/adult and $33++/child, which is extremely exobitant in my opinion! The 1-for-1 DBS card promotion was the main reason we decided to dine at Triple Three and I would recommend you to seize this opportunity to have a slow dinner with your friend(s) while savouring pretty decent food.

Here are some photos of the food we had that night:

Frankly speaking, this probably won't count as one of the better buffets that I've had because the range was pretty disappointing for a dinner buffet. I think the range is similar to their weekend lunch buffet and I wasn't very awed by what was offered. Nevertheless, the company made up for everything and I would gladly have more of such sibling-food-outings (:

Alright that's all for now. Time to get back to work! Goodnight!