Saturday, March 28

Nara Thai

Hello (:

A week ago we had lunch together at Nara Thai and it was a pleasant experience. Apart from having their mixed platter, chicken pad thai and mango salad, which are all featured above, we also had their green seafood curry, which was my favourite dish that day (:

One thing I like about Thai food is that the dishes are always packed with flavours - mostly sweet and spicy. And what I love most is that they always serve coconut juice, which is fast becoming my favourite thirst quencher and cooler when I want something that isn't fizzy.

All in all, we had a good time there together and I'm thankful that we can always count on each other to be around, whether for grub or for other things (:

Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 26

Baker and Cook

An exceptionally long and sombre week. Some comfort food definitely helps (: We will all be okay, and we will continue to be better (:

Friday, March 20

Shelter in the Woods


Life has been pretty busy hence the lack of updates but I think things have more or less been settled so I shall get back to updating this space on a more regular basis (:

Before the March break, I went to Shelter in the Woods with my very good friend cos he had a good experience the first time he went. Unfortunately, I think we ordered the dishes that weren't too outstanding when we visited this restaurant together, hence the experience was a little average. Having said that though, we loved the desserts and we wouldn't mind having more of them (:

Here are some photos of the dishes that we had! You can view their menu at this link!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great weekend everyone! (:

Sunday, March 8

Dessert Table at My Sister's Wedding Reception

Hello! (:

My sister got married yesterday and we're all happy for her! (: Each of us were deployed to do various tasks for her wedding and I was in the desserts table team, along with another trusty bub. My sister didn't want to only have desserts from a particular vendor so what she did was to order a variety of desserts from various vendors and The Desserts Table Team had to place the items in a visually-appealing manner (: Overall, I think it was a success as her guests were very impressed by the range of food and the overall presentation! Whee (:


Alright today shall be rest and recuperate day so we shan't push ourselves too hard. Had a tiring but fulfilling day yesterday! Congratulations once again, Nette! (: