Sunday, May 27

Muthu's Curry

Hello everyone!

The June holidays are here! (: I hope that all my kids and friends who are in the teaching line will take some time out to rest and recuperate for Sem 2 is going to go by much faster than Sem 1! I'll be off for a camp tomorrow till Friday night so I won't be updating this space much.. I will try to squeeze in one more post before I fly the following Tuesday!

 Anyhow, I am convinced that my streak of bad luck wrt choosing food places is NOT yet gone! =( I wanted to eat at Cafe Beviamo today but to my horror, I realised that it has been taken over by another cafe! Oh man. If this goes on, I'll soon run out of old haunts to go to! Thankfully, one of the few nice restaurants that I like at Suntec City is still standing!

The three of us went to Muthu's Curry not too long ago for lunch and I'm pleased that the standard is still there! My family went there a couple of years ago and we all liked the food, especially the curry and the nan, so we were glad that nothing much has changed wrt quality of food.

Their marketing tagline - Muthu's Curry: it's never enough!

We sat near the exhibition kitchen and we got to see the cook make nan, and skewered dishes like chicken tikka!

Papadam, which I think is something most people like.

Mango Lassi ($6) on the left and Lime Juice ($3.50) on the right. I felt a bit uncertain ordering the mango lassi because Matty said that he doesn't really like it due to past experience but I decided to go ahead anyway. Thankfully, the mango lassie turned out to be wonderfully sweet and smoothie-like, which suited my preference! (:

Because Jeffrey's a rice monster, we had to order a bowl of briyani rice to share! I think they count the briyani rice, side vegetables and papadam as one 'serving' and they charge $4/serving so we paid $12 in all for these three items.

The side vegetables which came together with the papadam and briyani rice.

Fish Sarson Tikka ($11). I've always liked Fish Tikka and the one served at Muthu's is flavourful and tender, not quite like the other ones that I usually have at buffets, which are somewhat slightly harder (perhaps due to being left on the display counter for a longer period of time?). I would definitely have this again next time.

Oh this was the dish I regretted ordering - Masala King Prawns. I should have known that they would not shell the prawns but alas, it was too late. The king prawns came at $7/ piece so we paid $21 for this dish because we ordered 3 king prawns! I don't particularly like king prawns when they're cooked this way so next time, I shall remember not to order this. Fortunately, the king prawns were fresh and tasted pretty succulent!

Cashew Chicken ($10), which the guys liked! The thick, buttery gravy was simply great for dipping our nan in!

Possibly my favourite dish that day: Aaloo Matter ($8), which is a concoction of peas and potatoes cooked in curry. Loved it! Great to go with nan too!

Vegetable cutlet ($5), this is basically potato cum veggie coated with bread crumbs and it tastes like potato croquette! Not bad for sharing but don't try to eat all on your own lest you get a sore throat!

Last but not least, the dish that I can't not order when I eat Indian food - nan! I'd a difficult time choosing which nan to order so that kind waiter recommended the assorted nan basket ($12), which had 3-4 different types of nan. What a delight! Unfortunately, we were way too stuffed to finish all the nan but we managed to try each flavour!

I would LOVE to go back to Muthu's Curry again in the near future! Hopefully we'll get more people along so that we can order a wider range of dishes!

Alright that's all for now. Have a great week ahead! (:

Saturday, May 19

The White Rabbit

Hello everyone!

The weekend's finally here again! The weather's been nothing short of great these few days for outdoor activities, which the kids in school have been actively taking part in! Many of them went for kayaking on Tuesday and Wednesday and ended up very tanned/ burnt so they turned up with different shades of redness on their faces! Looks painful but I hope they'd fun!

Anyway, we went to The White Rabbit straight after school last Friday because we needed to take a break and were pleasantly surprised when we managed to get a table despite not being making a reservation! However, the lady requested that we finish our meal by 8.15pm for the next seating, which we were happy to do.

The lighting was extremely low in The White Rabbit so our photos turned out slightly blur! Please pardon them! Menu wise, The White Rabbit serves a pretty decent range of food at quite high (at least in my opinion) prices. Actually, I think the prices are comparable to PS Cafe's except that the portions at The White Rabbit are much smaller so you may have to order more sharing dishes to fill your tummy!

Complimentary free bread before our food arrived. I think you can request to have more bread if you are hungry! The cold hard butter that came with this was nice!

Spinach salad with poached egg ($18) for sharing. It was a change from the usual caesar salad as well as house salad. I liked the boiled, soft spinach!

The dish that I had originally wanted to have - Spinach Aglio Olio with Mushrooms ($28) - which was pretty decent according to Jeffrey. I will have this next time! (:

I chose to have the risotto ($34) just so that Jeffrey and I didn't end up eating the same dish! THe risotto was pretty well done! I liked that it wasn't too creamy or gelat, which definitely helped in the polishing off of the entire dish!

Matty's oxtail dish ($36) was okay but I think he found that it had way too many small bones so he is not going to order this the next time round! Other than that, he commented that this was one of the few oxtail dishes that he has seen having so many kinds of vegetables as complements. Interesting touch!

We thought for quite a while before deciding whether to have desserts at The White Rabbit or to go somewhere else for desserts because The White Rabbit's dessert menu didn't seem to tickle our fancy. In the end, we chose to have desserts there because we were tired and lazy to go somewhere else. Plus it was a Friday night so everywhere else would be crowded anyway. So here's what we ordered:

Profiteroles ($14), which was average tasting. We liked the vanilla ice-cream though!

And the chocolate fondant ($16), which actually was better than expected!

I liked the food and ambience but I think their dishes are slightly too pricey for the standards as well as portions so I may not come back too often!

Alright that's all for now! (: Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 14


Hello everyone!

It's down to the last two weeks of term but there are a multitude of events and activities packed into these two weeks so I'll probably be very busy! I guess this will make all of us appreciate our upcoming holiday even more because all we want to do is to have some time to ourselves to just rest. I am looking forward to that!

Anyway, we were just taking a drive around town a few days ago and we realised that many shopping centres are undergoing renovation, many new shops have sprung up and many 'old' ones have relocated. Looks like I should go to town for a walk after the madness of these two weeks die down to see the changes for myself! Believe it or not, I sometimes miss uni days when I get to meet my good friends more often to go for our shopping marathons down Orchard Road! To sustain our energy, we often took lunch/ tea/ dinner breaks at cafes/ restaurants to rest our tired soles before continuing with our shopping!

If you're looking for a place for lunch/ tea/ dinner, you might want to pop by Delicious at Scotts Square because it is accessible and you are able to choose from a wide variety of food that caters to varying appetite-sizes as well as palates.

Since Zaffrey has never been to Delicious, we decided to visit it together not too long ago for a late lunch/ tea.

Larger than usual cup of cappuccino ($7) which was as usual a delight to have (: Would have been nicer if it were slighter warmer.

And my previous experience taught me that I should order their shoestring fries ($7) because it tastes good and also because the rest of the dishes take a while to get served so it's nice to have some fries to much on! Jeffrey likes it because he thinks it's not too salty.

Their caesar salad ($9) with a poached egg sitting in the middle. I thought this was generally okay though I felt that the dressing was a little too strong for my liking. Nevertheless, we finished everything!

Mr. Malnourished chose to have the mama bolognaise spaghetti ($15) as well which he commented was best for people who love meat balls as there were huge chunks of meat in this spaghetti!

Perhaps the two great things about Delicious is the large seating capacity and the reasonably priced dishes - which makes it quite a good place for a meet up or a rest stop (: If I had to choose a less-crowded cafe-ish place to dine at, Delicious would definitely be one of my choices!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, May 12

Outback Steakhouse

Hello everyone!

It's been a crazy week in school and I think it's going to get even busier as term draws to an end. Weekends are short and precious and though I feel that I should go out to meet up and catch up with friends, reality is that I'm often too tired and would want nothing more than just to have a good meal and then catch up on rest at home. More often than not, I find myself going along with the latter option! I know which meme my kids will cite if they find out about the comment that I just made but I can't help but speak the truth! haha

Last weekend, I visited Outback Steakhouse at Millenia Walk for the first time in my life! Well the story of how I ended up there can be condensed into a one line: that I've been having a bad streak of luck when it comes to choosing eating places because most of the eating places that I want to go recently (e.g. Food Republic at Wisma Atria, Mos Burger at Takashimaya, Sizzler's at Suntec City etc.) are either under renovation or have closed down! =( So this trip to Outback was not at all planned but I was pretty happy to have decent western food!

As none of us brought our cameras out that day, Matty took the following photos using his iphone! I am considering getting an iphone5 if & when it gets released so that I can take attendance with more ease as well as to replace my dying but trusty nokia!

Complementary WARM bread and soft butter served on a chopping board with a knife thrusted into the middle of the loaf! We were famished when we reached Outback so we were more than thankful for this starter! (:

Small bowl of warm, diluted vegetable soup which came as a side to Zaffrey's dish.

I FINALLY tried the Typhoon Bloom ($15.90) which my sister highly recommended! It's basically made up of layers of deep fried onion rings clumped together! Suprisingly, the onion strips were still pretty juicy so I didn't think it was too bad (:

Zaffrey chose to have the Tuscan Cream Chicken set ($16.90), which was generally okay. Like Black Angus, Outback also tries to serve some boiled vegetables as sides so that is a lovely touch!

I chose to have the grilled salmon ($26.90) and I thought it was pretty good! If you're feeling a little hungrier than usual, I would suggest ordering this dish because the slab of salmon was thick and well-grilled (just look at those marks!) and there's even nicely-flavoured rice to accompany it! This managed to fill me up nicely!

Finally, Matty chose to have the 1/2 rack of baby back ribs ($20.90), which he said was pretty small because there wasn't much meat! But on the whole, the standard was okay. The fries were good though!

All in all, I think Outback Steakhouse is an alternative to other restaurants such as Swensens and NYDC serving western food! If you're pretty bored of trying a range of fries, you should pop by Outback just to try their nest of onion rings! (:

Alright that's all for now. Goodnight!

Saturday, May 5

Melt: The World Cafe


We revisited Melt for my first post-H buffet hoping that it would be as fantastic as we remembered it to be and thankfully it didn't disappoint! (: Having been there before, I had certain high expectations and thankfully those were met otherwise I think I would feel a little overcharged considering we paid $98++/pax for their non-alcoholic Sunday lunch buffet! It comes with free flow of drinks (soft drinks, fruit juices, tea/ coffee) so we needn't have to worry about paying for overpriced sprite! haha

The flower on the table top remained the same! (:

There are a few dishes that you ought to give a try when you visit Melt - for novelty sake (:

First is the Foie Gras, which is tucked at a corner so you have to really walk the entire area to find it! Apparently it's quite popular as many people ordered it!

Next is the mousse truffle potato in egg shell! The truffle smell is barely there but you have to try it anyhow because we don't get served in egg shells very often!

Of course there is a seafood section which seems to be everyone's favourite. Somehow, I didn't fancy the seafood section very much so I ate everything else instead! Here are some photos of what we had that day:

Eggs Benedict - not the best there is! The muffin base is hard and the hollandaise sauce is slightly lacking but the good thing is that there are different types of poached eggs - eggs benedict, eggs florentine etc. I usually can't remember the names but this is the one with the spinach instead of ham.

Because there's just way too much food to describe, I'll leave you with the photos!

You musn't miss the BBQ Grill counter, which is situated OUTDOORS! You literally have to walk out of Melt into the garden area to get your grilled food! The satays are pretty worth it! (:

And if you, like me, are a carbo fan and NEEDS carbo in your diet, you should try their tomato pasta because it's one of the freshest tasting seafood tomato pasta that I've had in a long time! (: Yummy stuff!

Oh their dessert area is huge but unfortunately, they do NOT serve bread & butter pudding =( Their waffles are fantastic though so you ought to try! I took too many cut-up waffle slices for my chocolate fondue fun that I decided not to get a full waffle or that'll be waffle-overkill! Other than that, we also stole a bowl full of huge, sweet strawberries from the fondue section! haha Pity we didn't take a photo of that! The dessert range is definitely much larger than this but I think my companions weren't really into dessert so we didn't get to try most of them:

On the whole I must say that I enjoyed my meal at Melt (: Though the restaurant was filled with the weekend crowd, it wasn't overly noisy or crowded, which I am greatly thankful for because I realised that my tolerance for noisy places has gone down quite a bit.

Alright that's all for now (: have a great long weekend everyone! (: