Tuesday, May 30

Chez West

Hello (:

We recently went to Chez West with our good friends to try their dinner set menu and it superseded our expectations on all fronts! (: We particularly liked that the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and that the pace of the meal was comfortable. The pre/post-meal tour of the campus was also a nice touch!

Here are photos of the dishes that were served that night:

We might drop by again in the near future to try other cuisines/ dishes! (: Happy holidays, everyone!

Friday, May 26

Pizzeria Mozza...

gets it right every single time!

We love it. We will always love it. Especially the heavenly budino that isn't featured here.

Have a great weekend, everyone! (:

Saturday, May 20

The Coffee Academics

Hello (:

We've survived the marking season and have been taking a short break from rigorous work before we jump back in to planning for next semester (:

One place that fed us well and served us surprisingly good coffee to help us pull through the marking period is The Coffee Academics. Truth be told, our first visit to The Coffee Academics was not planned: we happened to be walking around Scotts Square, looking for desserts, and chanced upon this establishment! We had coffee and pancakes the first time we visited and their coffee was so good that it got us hooked! Heh

We've dropped by on two other occasions cos we simply wanted to try the other coffees that they have on their menu as well as to give their savoury main dishes and other desserts a go as well.

Here are some pics of our food & drinks:


I'm pretty sure we'll visit this place again in the near future, especially when we want strong coffee and an overwhelmingly large serving of pancakes! Heheh (:

Happy weekend, everyone! (:

Thursday, May 4

Fynn's Cafe

Hello (:

I feel really bad whenever I come back to visit this space because I'm always reminded of how much I've neglected it this year! =| I guess it is inevitable since I post mostly on instagram and this space only gets updated when I'm free or when I want to remember a particular meal for certain reasons.

Last weekend, we went to Fynn's after reading much about the multiple rave reviews. Our opinion is that the food was slightly above average but it wasn't mindblowingly awesome! In fact, what we both liked most was their salad because the dressing and the ingredients worked exceedingly well together! (:

I was slightly taken aback by how simple their pancake stack was, cos I had expected more fruits and a 'more special' kind of fruit compote but I guess they might have wanted to keep things simple and to just allow us to enjoy the 5 pieces of pancake with yummy coconut butter and maple syrup! (:

I think I might go back for lunch/ dinner to give it another go to see if my liking for this place will increase after trying other dishes! (:

Have a good Friday and weekend! (: