Sunday, October 30


Hello everyone! (:

The weekend's coming to an end and I thought I'd sneak a quick post in before I head out for dinner! This weekend was particularly restful because I was slightly ill so I chose to stay in bed to catch up on Greys! (: Really love that show! I'm determined to immerse myself in more emo-drama this coming weekend so that I can finish S7 and be more updated with plot development! (:

We have been on a buffet-binge fest for quite a while now but I don't think it seems to be working in terms of helping Jeffrey put on some weight so we decided to give that a break for once and went to Prego for a normal, non-buffet lunch instead.

Upon arrival and after placing our orders, we were each served a bagel with light herb-flavour to start our meal. I think the bagel is nice to eat on its own but it's even nicer with the blended olives sauce pictured above! Do try the sauce even if you might not be a big fan for the experience! (:

That day, we decided to go for the "Lunch for 2" set ($78) and that set comes with 2 cups of soft drinks, free flow of caesar salad and 1 main pasta dish (we chose carbonara). At the end of the meal, both of us decided that we should order our individual mains in future because this set didn't fill our tummies at all! =( I think the pasta portion was probably big enough to serve 1 very hungry person (and it didn't help that we were 2 ravenous people that day!) so it would have been wiser to order our own main dishes. Having said that, I think this would suit two people with average appetites so please go ahead and have this if you think it'll fill you up!

Our big bowl of Caesar Salad which we finished way too quickly. We would have asked for a refill if we had known that the main dish would be so small.

Carbonara that tasted above average but the portion size was disappointing. Somehow I feel that carbonara goes best with linguine but since my favourite pasta is penne, I don't mind having carbonara penne (:

As you would expect, we were still hungry at the end of the meal so we ordered a slice of tiramisu ($14) to share. For its price, I would expect something with more punch but the alcohol taste wasn't particularly strong. In fact, I would say that the tiramisu was just above average but nothing to rave about. Guess I should try other desserts in future.

I think I would return to Prego on a Sunday in future so that I can try their Sunday brunch buffet (: Will post an entry on that if I do end up visiting!

Alright have a good week ahead everyone (: Second last week of term! (:

Wednesday, October 26

The Line

Hello everyone (:

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy tying up loose ends for this academic year and meeting friends whom I've not met for a very long time so I didn't have the chance to update this space! Another reason why I haven't been updating is also cos Jeffrey was busy marking scripts and he didn't have time to pass me photos but now that marking season is over, we're free to do more food posts! (:

I know I've blogged about The Line before but I feel that my family's visit to The Line for buffet dinner this time is worthy of an entry on its own. My mum decided to give all of us a treat at The Line one evening so we trooped down to see if the buffet dinner is any different from their lunch. I had initially wanted to go to Greenhouse but Greenhouse only serves seafood buffet dinners and my brother Jeff needs a Japanese section so we couldn't go there. Perhaps next time!

Anyway, my experience at The Line at night wasn't very much different from our daytime experience. Food wise, there was an additional (and wildly popular) seafood section where people could help themselves to fresh seafood items like oysters, mussels, crabs and king prawns. The other sections (starters/ appetizers, Japanese, Italian, Western, Indian, Chinese, desserts) that were available during lunch were also present during the dinner buffet so I would advise you to go during lunch if you aren't a big fan of seafood because the dinner buffet costs $78++/pax, which isn't very worth it if you aren't consuming much seafood in my humble opinion.

Alright enough babbling. I shall let the photos do the talking:

My sisters were extremely amused by this cup because they said that it reminded them of the cup that was featured in Teletubbies!

 Mum decided to get some soup, which was generally okay.

Some starters:

From the Chinese Section, a plate with a variety of slices of meat:

From the Japanese section:

Mainly from the Chinese section:

From all around (Indian, Japanese and Western):

From the desserts section:

On the whole, The Line was a good choice because there was something for everyone and everyone had their fill (: The only issue that I had with The Line, which can't really be helped, is the relatively high noise level! I felt like I was at Ellenborough Market on a Sunday afternoon because there were just so many people milling about and talking pretty loudly. On one hand I think it's nice to see people enjoying themselves, eating and chatting but on the other I can't help but feel that our dinner would have been a tad nicer if we got to talk a bit more instead of not talking that much because we had trouble hearing each other! I wouldn't recommend The Line if you want to have a catch-up session but it is definitely a place to go to if your priority is feeding everyone and making sure that everyone has something to eat (:

Alright that's all for now (: Shall lie in bed cos I'm feeling a tad under the weather. Will update again soon! Have a great rest of the week! (:

Saturday, October 15

The Line

Hello everyone (:

The weekend's finally here and I'm probably going to take a little breather this weekend after the madness that was last week! I still have to go to school later to help out with School Tours but other than that my weekend looks pretty clear for some family time (later tonight) as well as for catching up on sleep!

Before I head to school, I'm going to blog about my recent trip to Shangri-la's The Line (: I'm quite sure most of you have heard of this famous buffet restaurant place and frankly speaking it took me a while to want to come to this place because I was always under the impression that a meal here is very costly! But I felt that Project Fatten Jeffrey Up was a good enough reason to visit The Line and so we did! We went for the lunch buffet on Saturday and it costs $55++/ pax, which I think is decent considering the amount of food one can possibly eat there!

Okay here are some photos of the food that we had that day:

The drink of the day was teh tarik! (: I LOVED THIS! I think I drank 3 cups in total! Amazing stuff! You've to try it! There's also kopi tarik for coffee lovers if I'm not wrong but I definitely prefer tea!

It was an international buffet so you can find different 'stations' serving different food such as: the starters/ appetizers section, Western/ Italian food section, Chinese food section, Japanese food section, Indian food section and of course the desserts section! (: There was no particular outstanding dish or section but the quality of food is generally above average so most things tasted nice (:

All in all it was a good breakfast (: I thought the desserts, although good, weren't the best that I've tasted. Thankfully I was pretty much full from main course so that didn't bother me too much.

My family'll be heading to The Line tonight because Mum's feeling generous and wants to treat us so I'll let you know if the dinner buffet is any different than their lunch! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 9


Hello everyone (:

Sorry for the lack of updates! It's marking season so I've less time to spend on this blog but I decided to devote some time this morning to this page as a way of rewarding myself for staying up for the past few hours as well as to take a break from looking at scripts.

Some time ago, Jeffrey and I visited Equinox during the weekend of their semi-buffet lunch ($59++/pax). We first visited Equinox years ago when we celebrated my best friend's and sister's birthday and we decided that we would come back because although the food was of average to above-average quality, the relaxed ambience and stunning view are enough to have us back! That's our glass of sparkling water ($12.50/ bottle) against the MBS backdrop.

A semi-buffet works this way: you can help yourself to unlimited starters, side dishes and desserts at the buffet counters and on top of that, you get to choose one main dish from a menu that will be presented to you on arrival. 

The buffet spread at Equinox is pretty decent considering the display area isn't very large. There's definitely more than enough food to eat. From my observation, I think the cheese, seafood and dessert sections are probably the most popular amongst guests (: The quality of food on the whole, as I've mentioned above, is average or above average (save for a few dishes that were slightly below average in taste).

Here are some photos of starters/ side dishes that we had that day:

Because I prefer going for variety, I would almost never order the same dish as Jeffrey unless we really have limited choices or we both have a strong craving for a particular dish on a particular day. Thankfully, those days are rare and we usually get to order different dishes, which is good because we get to exchange our food and try more things!
Jeffrey ordered a steak for his main (yes that brown glob in the background is his steak) and though it may not look very appetizing, Jeffrey says it's pretty tender and fine (: He said it can't compare to the luxurious slice of steak we had in Tokyo but it's good nevertheless (:
As for me, I ordered risotto which, thankfully, had a more decent portion size compared to Jeffrey's steak. I have no idea how anyone can get full on a slab of meat that small so I offered to share some of my risotto with him in a weak attempt to fill his tummy with more food. (Oh just for your information, we're on this food/ buffet spree because Jeffrey desperately needs to put on some weight! Another reason why we're on a buffet spree is because we usually are too hungry by the time meal time come so we don't wish to wait for our food to be served, hence the choice to go for buffets. Let's hope that Project Fatten Jeffrey up will succeed or my valiant efforts would be utterly wasted!)

The dessert section is filled with wonderfully baked chocolate cakes as well as elegant looking shooters. I think the peanutbutter M&Ms brownie was THE dessert of the day and I happily ate lots of it! The vanilla and pistachio icecream tasted rich and satisfying and I would strongly suggest that you have some icecream because it'll definitely sweeten the ending to your meal (:

We were served coffee (you can choose to have tea if you want to) before we left and that was when I realised that I really dislike drinking black coffee. Maybe I just haven't acquired the taste for it yet but I would very much like to stick to having cappucinos and lattes for now.

If you're feeling like you want to be on top of the world (literally), do drop by Equinox for some good food and quality dining experience! It's actually quite a nice place for weekend get togethers with family and/ or friends because the restaurant is quite small and cosy (:

Alright that's all for now! Will try to update again soon! Have a great Sunday everyone (:

Seventeen, twenty-five, fifty.