Monday, August 8

Open Farm Community

Hello (:

Today feels like a Friday cos we're gonna be treated to two days of 'break' starting tomorrow, which is great cos we'll have more time to catch up on things that we have/ want to do! (:

Over the weekend, a few of us went to Open Farm Community to celebrate a good friend's belated birthday and I think the food's pretty good! The flavours tend to be rich and strong and they seem to go pretty well together. I like that the ingredients taste fresh so there's no fishiness at all! =P

My friends and I also took a short walk in the open area outside and we are pretty impressed with the open spaces available for diners to play and/or chill out. It's quite a happy place! On the whole, we would definitely return to try more of their dishes and to visit their store which was closed by the time we left the restaurant!

Alright that's all for now! Happy holiday everyone! (: Enjoy National Day! (:

Saturday, August 6

Sunday Folks

Hello (:

We're SO ready for National Day break! We hope that it'll give us sufficient time to clear outstanding work as well as catch up on rest! (:

A few of us went to Sunday Folks yesterday for some dessert after dinner and the waffles were better than I remembered them to be!

Had a great time catching up with the girls and talking about things serious and trivial. Thanks girls for the waffles treat and I hope that all of you will have a fulfilling rest-of-the-year! (:

Happy weekend! Whoohoo!

Wednesday, July 27

Casuarina Curry at 6th Avenue

Hello (:

Pardon the lack of updates recently! July's always a crazy month but this particular July was even busier cos we'd many activities such as my sister's wedding and a funfair in school! (:

During super busy times like these, I'm thankful that we've good and affordable food nearby so we can just pop by to grab a bite or dapao food home. This month alone, we've been to Casuarina thrice (!!) and we kinda like it (: I guess Indian food will always have a special place in our hearts cos when we were younger, my parents used to buy Karu's for us and we absolutely loved it!

We didn't take a photo of the briyani which we packed home on our second visit, so these two photos will have to do:

Have a good rest of the week! (:

Saturday, July 9


Hello (:

Today seems like a pretty slow day cos we spent half the day in school, a couple of hours lunching with a very good friend, a few hours napping (yes I know my naps are super long but hey in my defence, they make up for the lack of rest I get at night cos I dream way too much), an couple of hours surfing and doing household chores and suddenly, the day's almost over!

Although we'll probably have to start the cycle of prepping for school again tmr, I think today's break in our usual weekend cycle is somewhat refreshing. And of course, good food and good company is always welcomed!

We ended up at Rubato cos we opted to go some place nearby for lunch, and I must say that the food's pretty darn good! (: The risotto that I'd was creamy, rich and very filling! I also loved their affogato (which I didn't take a photo of)! I like that Rubato provides a conducive and chill environment for us to chit chat and just hide from the scorching heat!

Will probably revisit this place again in the near future! Have a great weekend! (:

Wednesday, July 6


Hello (:

We're feeling super thankful for a short work week cos we need to rest up as much as we can before we face the longest week of the term next week! Heheh.

We went to Brunetti to have a dinner to mark the end of the first full week of school and we reminded of their satisfying dishes! (: I think they have got their seasoning right because their food is often tasty, though I must admit that it might be a tad too salty for most people. Because we just got out of a full work week, we didn't mind the strong flavours at all so we heartily ate all our food up!

Happy Raya to all Muslim friends and happy midweek to the rest of us! (:

Saturday, July 2

Pacamara (again!)

Hello (:

The first week of school went by relatively painlessly despite having many late days so I am pretty grateful (: I think that not giving the kids lots of holiday hwk allows them to rest and feel more recharged after they come back, which is great for all! (: So I hope that schools will continue to manage the amt of holiday work that the kids are given as well as the activities that they have to be involved in so that they can get the rest that they need.

Anyhow, we finally had the chance to visit Pacamara while they were still serving their breakfast menu and I couldn't have been more thrilled! (: This means that I could finally try their much-talked about French Toast!

Personally I thought the French Toast was good but it wasn't spectacular! Maybe it's cos I didn't really like having so much apple compote and I prefer maple syrup with my french toast, but I liked that they were so generous with the fruits! All in all it was a good meal and I look forward to trying more breakfast items in the near future! (:

Happy weekend, everyone! (:

Thursday, June 16

Supply and Demand

Hello (:

We're currently having our break in HCMC, and I'm really appreciating the short respite from work. Prior to our leaving Singapore, we had a quick meal at Supply and Demand because we had to finish our meal before catching Les Mis.

Because our time at Supply and Demand was short, we decided to order only these two dishes to ensure that we could make it in time for our musical. The pita was wonderfully made but the pasta as average. On the whole, we both liked the food enough to want to go back to try more dishes! =D

That's all for a super short update! Have a good rest of the week while we continue to rest and chill in HCMC (: