Friday, December 2

Malacca Retreat

Hello (:

I went to Malacca with my CCA kids and colleagues earlier this week and I must say that this retreat is not like the rest that I've been to, but it was still great overall! (:

What's most interesting about this retreat is that I got to try food that I usually will not eat/ don't get to eat! One of these dishes is the Hakka Taro Paste Balls also known as 'suan pan'. It's this chewy almost mochi like savoury ball made of taro and flour and it's actually pretty addictive! Heh

The other dish that I got to try, which apparently is all the rage in Malacca at present, is Cheese Beehoon with Big Prawns. Our guide told us that the stall owner charges based on the number of prawns ordered, and he gives us beehoon for free! Guess the cost of beehoon is negligible. Heh. This is definitely one dish that needs to be shared because you can get gelat pretty quickly! It really taste as it looks so expect something rich and creamy (and peppery) when you eat this! (:

The last pic doesn't feature an exotic/ novel dish but it does show how small the egg mcmuffin is! I was stunned when I saw downsized my breakfast was! Hahaha Oh well, at least it tasted the same -- that's one reason why I'll always patronise Macdonalds no matter which country I go to cos I can always trust their consistency! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good weekend everyone! (:

Friday, November 25


Hello (:

The past few days have been really draining cos of endless meetings and feeling pretty bummed cos a good friend is stuck in an emotional quagmire. I really cannot wait for all the meetings and school-related things to come to an end at the end of next week so that I can finally just do my own things.

In the mean time, here're two (badly taken) photographs of our starter and dessert at Coyote, which was actually great (: I didn't take photos of the mains cos it was evidently too dark and I couldn't get a good shot. I really think that having good food with people who matter really help to uplift one's spirits; there are few other activities that come close to providing similar temporary relief.

In any case, I shall just press on and make the best use of my time so that I can get to enjoy a little bit of hols in December! (:

Have a good weekend! (:

Thursday, November 17

Rong Fu Ji Seafood Steam Pot

Hello (:

My good friends and I went to Rong Fu Ji for dinner last night and it was a pretty fascinating experience, partly because it was our first time trying out a steam pot meal. Needless to say, we weren't prepared for the facial-like dining experience! I was prepared to be marinated by the smell of the food (you know, like what happens when we have Korean BBQ) but thankfully, this wasn't that bad! (:

Food wise, the seafood was fresh though I thought the portions were quite small. The main gripe that the 3 of us had was that the porridge could only be eaten at the end of the meal rather than together with the rest of the food, meaning we had to finish all the food on the upper layer before we could access the porridge! We asked the waitress why this was the case and she said that the porridge takes a longer while to cook, so oh well! Disappointingly, we had expected the porridge to be more flavourful but it was kinda bland though the texture was alright.

Here're some photos of the 2 pax set that we ordered, which costs $78! As you can see, the quantity of food is definitely not enough for 3 so we ordered extra beef and an extra vegetable platter!

We were nicely filled after we had eaten our extra servings of food and promptly retreated to Coffee Bean for dessert. Great times (:

Have a good rest of the week!

Monday, November 7


Hello (:

We finally got our oven fixed so we can start using it to cook our meals or bake things! (: I think baking's gonna be more challenging than cooking cos we need to be precise so I'll probably only try that when the weekend comes along. For now, we're enjoying the (relatively easy) process of cooking with the oven! It's really quite simple -- just decide what you wanna eat and throw everything in. Tada! (:

Shall finish up whatever that I'm doing and go to bed! (: Have a great week ahead! (:

Monday, October 31

Learning to Cook

Hello (:

Things have been pretty quiet here cos I've been busy with a whole host of activities and I've only recently been able to catch up on some rest and to try to find a new routine that I am comfortable with.

Perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened of late is that I'm starting to learn to cook! (: Prior to the past week, I hardly ever cooked a proper meal because I simply do not know where the different things are placed in the kitchen. Now that we have our own training kitchen, I have no excuses to not learn to cook!

So far, I've made really simple dishes such as pasta with vegetables and mushrooms as well as a tofu and mushroom burger and thankfully they taste relatively okay! Haha I shall continue to endeavour to expand the kinds of food that I can cook and also to improve the taste and quality of the dishes!

I also need to work on my prep skills (because I take forever to prep) and my multi-tasking skills while cooking (cos I keep getting distracted by the need to do washing -- so either I leave the washing till later or that I learn to wash things more quickly); so I need to focus on doing the things that I'm supposed to be doing better!

Alright that's all for now (: Shall update again when I have the time! Busy week ahead but we'll take it as it comes! Have a good week, everyone! (:

Saturday, September 24

Bread Street Kitchen

Hello (:

The marking season has begun so please pardon me if I don't update as often as before! Although we're super busy with prepping students for year-end assessments as well as marking their practices and actual test scripts, we decided to put aside time a few days ago to visit Bread Street Kitchen to celebrate the bubs' birthday!

Because I don't watch any of Gordon Ramsay's food shows, I didn't have any expectations but I trusted that the food would be average/ above average, and it proved to be so. We loved all the dishes that we ordered because the pasta was well cooked and the mushroom sauce was surprisingly earthy but in a good way, his lamb shank was tender and well-cooked, and the dessert platter was satisfying! (We made the wrong choice to select 3 heavy desserts, so after a while it got a little too much for us so we'll make a note to choose 1-2 light desserts in future if we were to have the dessert platter again!)

While the food was good and the ambience pleasant, we were not impressed with the service. To be fair to the team at BSK, the service throughout the night was pretty standard but it wasn't great, and it kept at that standard till a waiter accidentally knocked the bubs' half-drunk cocktail over and the drink spilled on his shirt. The waiter said sorry once and then quickly proceeded to pass him 1 extra napkin to wipe up, then he walked away. Shortly after, the manager of the restaurant came by to apologise again and we said it's okay, so she left us as well. We weren't expecting them to apologise profusely but the truth is that their singular 'sorry's didn't sound sincere nor did they appear apologetic at all. I think it also says a lot when the diner at the next table offered his napkin to bubs to continue cleaning his shirt when he saw that all 3 napkins (bubs', the extra and mine) had been used.

At that point, I think we both felt a little disappointed with the service but because we're not the kind who will kick up a big fuss, we decided to get the bill so that we could leave. We noticed that they had not waived the charge for the cocktail which the waiter had spilled but paid for the entire meal anyway cos we didn't want to make a scene.

After we stood up to leave, the waiter came back with a new cocktail, supposedly to replace the one that was spilled. But we were already intending to leave, so we declined to have the replacement drink.

The entire episode kinda ruined the otherwise fine dining experience at Bread Street Kitchen, because we felt that communication could definitely have been improved. Either the waiter/ the manager could have just said that they'll waive the charge or get us a new drink or tell us how they would make up for knocking over their customers' drink. The last thing we would have expected is for them to apologise once and then left us there to do our own cleaning up.

We completely understand that such accidents happen, and we are not angry at the waiter for accidentally spilling the drink on us. But what we are not happy about is how the staff mishandled the situation after the drink had been spilled.

Oh well, it's alright (: There'll be many more good dining adventures to look forward to so we shan't harp too much on this one!

Happy weekend! (:

Saturday, September 17

Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Hello (:

The first week of school went by quite quickly mainly because there was a lot to do and I'm just thankful that the weekend is here so that I can catch up on some rest (:

I think the mantra for this term will be Dory's famous mantra: just keep swimming. I have no doubt that marking season will be demanding as usual and there will be lots of other things to deal with but I am pretty sure that we'll pull through just fine!

A few good friends and I have already decided that we'll celebrate end of marking season at Chong Qing Grilled Fish, where they'll indulge in the crazily spicy mala fish while I stay with safer options like the one below!

I like that the grilled fish served at Chong Qing Grilled Fish is fresh and it doesn't at all have any fishy smell. The 'soup base'/ 'gravy' is also pretty rich tasting and complements the fish well.

Can't wait to see this place again cos it means that marking season is over! Haha

Alright have a good weekend everyone! (: