Saturday, March 18


Hello (:

My good friends and I made a trip to Boca cos we wanted to try some exotic food so we were a little disappointed when the food that we got was pretty average? I guess we had high expectations after reading a few reviews so we wanted our tastebuds to be treated to a novel and exciting experience but I guess our selection of dishes didn't allow for that to happen! Their famous egg tarts were alright though I must say that they tasted more like custard puffs compared to the usual egg tarts that we're accustomed to eating! Here're some photos of the food that we had that night:

I think my favourite dish, ironically, was the relatively nondescript pumpkin bread (featured in the first photo) cos I liked its dense texture and the light pumpkin whiff.

The great service and ambiance made up for the average-tasting food though and I think it's not a bad place to go for dinner if you want a change in cuisine and a nice place to catch up with your friends (:

Alright that's all! Happy weekend! (:

Saturday, March 11

New Ubin Seafood


I've been terrible ill-disciplined when it comes to updating this space because I honestly don't have as much time as I did in the past to sit and blog. Another reason is also cos I update my instagram account more often to commemorate how each day is spent/ the highlight of each day (I try to post everyday) so this space becomes a back-up storage space of sorts (:

Nonetheless, I think it's still good for updates on the new and yummy food that we've been trying, and this was one of them! We had dinner with our two good friends to New Ubin Seafood not too long ago and I think it can possibly rival the Jumbo experience! For the longest time, whenever I think of seafood, I always think of Jumbo Seafood Restaurant but I think New Ubin is its close rival! (:

Love the variety, love the freshness of the food, and thoroughly enjoyed the company! (: We'll definitely be back to try other dishes! (:

Happy weekend (:

Thursday, February 16

Salt Tapas and Bar

Hello (:

It's almost the end of a superbly long week, and I suspect this is the first of many weeks of its kind. January has spoilt us rotten partly cos of the festive break(s) so we've to adjust and get back into the rhythm of school all over again.

Thankfully, weekends are filled with both rest and exploration of some kind - be it visiting a new place or trying something new for the first time. Last weekend, we visited Salt Tapas and Bar and we were impressed with their interesting dishes (: It was also the first time that I've eaten barramundi since my previous food poisoning incident (caused by some barramundi I suspect) and I'm super grateful that I felt alright after that (:

Really can't wait for Friday evening to come because that's when the weekend arrives and we can get to catch up on rest again (:

Have a good rest of the week!

Tuesday, January 31

Fat Prince

Hello (:

We went on a self-initiated, spontaneous "National Education Learning Journey" this afternoon and it was GREAT! (: The main reason for going to the Tanjong Pagar area was to dine at the Fat Prince! The bubs read a review about it and we decided to give it a try since we wanted to try something new! Their kebabs are really good and we attribute its tastiness to the sauce -- regardless of which kebab we had, it always tasted well put together (: It's a little on the pricey side but the entire experience makes it worth it.

Really enjoyed my orange chilli mocha as well! Would love to have that again if I'm around the area (:

Shall end here cos I've to prep for school tomorrow! Thank goodness it's a short week! (: Have a good February! (:

Thursday, January 26


Hello (:

The first month of the year just zoomed by and just as we've more or less settled into our new routine, a long break greets us and beckons for us to take a breather from a very hectic month! (: We really are grateful for this short respite -- to catch up with family and friends, to eat good food and of course, to rest (:

I definitely am looking forward to a weekend of feasting on other types of food other than Chinese food, and more importantly, spending time with people whom I consider family! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (:

Sunday, January 1


Hello (:

We thought it would be good to start 2017 on the right foot (literally) so we took a walk to & at Bukit Batok Nature Reserve before heading to Oriole for a wonderful lunch! The lighting was almost non-existent at Oriole so we had to use our flashlight, which explains why the lighting in this photo is very harsh.

In 2017, we will strive to do what we can to make it a much better year compared to 2016 (: #goodvibesonly

Happy New Year! (:

Wednesday, December 28

Tiong Bahru Market

Hello (:

We didn't travel this holiday so we made it a point to go to places that we seldom go to during term time and one such place is Tiong Bahru Market, a hawker place that I used to frequent a little more when I was a kid! (:

The place has cleaned up quite a bit and some stalls have changed hands but I think the general feel is the same (: We have been there twice and both times I chose to queue for noodles because I'm more of a noodles than rice person (:

The famous lor mee has a shark nuggets option so if you want the full experience, you can opt for the shark nuggets! =P The sauce is not too viscous nor is it too salty and it really complements the noodles well (: I can see why people think that this ranks as one of the best lor mees around.

The fishball noodles were unexpectedly good partly cos the noodles were slightly al dente and also cos the sauce was very tasty! (: I would have this again any day but I don't think I'll be willing to queue for so long for this again! (We went around 1ish pm and the queue for this bowl of noodles was 20-25min long)

All in all, I think Tiong Bahru Market is worth repeated visits and we can't wait to get back to try other dishes! (:

Enjoy what's left of the holidays and Happy New Year in advance! (: