Thursday, March 31

HCMC Eats: The Deck

Hello (:

It's been really warm in Sg and it reminds me of the time we had a super yummy meal in the sweltering heat in HCMC a few weeks ago! There's no other better time to post this than now:

Can't wait to be back to try more glorious food! (:

Sunday, March 27

HCMC Eats: Phatty's

Hello! (:

We dropped by Phatty's for our first lunch in HCMC and I was thrilled to finally be able to visit one of the usual spots where bubs usually goes to when he visits HCMC. He told me that the food and ambiance here is great - they essentially serve American food in American-sized portions! I think the staff are also friendly and helpful yet they do not hover that much, which is great because I prefer to be left pretty much alone when I eat unless I've a a request. Phatty's to me is kinda like Chili's in Singapore, except that the food that they serve is different! Great place to hang out for a good long chat (:

Come to think of it, we should have visited on St Patrick's Day to see whether the atmosphere would be a little more hyped up, just for fun, but it's alright (: The restaurant was half filled with relatively old Caucasians when we visited so it wasn't that quiet either.

Okay more in the next post! (:

Thursday, March 24

HCMC Eats: Street Food

Hello (:

I'll be posting photos of food that we had on our recent short trip to Ho Chi Minh City in the next few posts for keepsake!

We stayed at District 2, which was lovely because it was faraway from the maddening crowd that is District 1. District 2 is a residential suburban area which is filled with skyscraper-like residential towers, mostly newly constructed condos, and it has a few malls and many street food shops/ stalls.

We ate at this pho place near where we stayed at and the pho was pretty yummy so we went there for two mornings in a row!

On the third morning, we decided to try something different so we walked a little more and found this street food stall! To be frank, it was my first time ever eating at such a local streetfood stall and I must admit I was slightly apprehensive. But I decided to just go with the flow since the bubs loves street food, and we had our breakfast there! The old auntie's iced coffee was da bomb - super thick and sweet, just the way Vietnamese iced coffee should be! (: Guess my first experience of authentic street food wasn't that bad, though I must confess that I am still apprehensive about trying other street food stalls! Heh we'll just take a step at a time I guess? 

On an unrelated note, I'm really thankful that we are having a longer weekend this week cos I need the time to catch up on work and to rest! Will try to update again soon! (:

Saturday, March 19

Les Amis

Hello! (:

It's the second last day of the March hols and truth be told, I'm pretty happy because this has been one of the more fun and relaxing March hols I've had in a while! (: Part of the fun came from having gone to HCMC, a place which I never thought I would return so soon, and having a brand new experience compared to the first time I was there! (More about that in the next post).

For now, I'll share some pics that were taken at our awesome lunch at Les Amis! (: To date, I don't think I've eaten anything that tastes as exquisite as the food that was served at Les Amis (when it comes to French cuisine that is). Somehow the flavours of the dishes complemented each other very well and the spectacular visual presentation really enhanced the entire experience too!


It's definitely a place that you might wanna consider if you would like to give someone a special treat or to purely indulge in some fine French food (:

Will blog about Vietnam when I can find the time! Need to prep for school this coming week cos I have quite a bit of 'holiday homework' left to do! (: See you!

Sunday, March 6

Coffee Lounge High Tea Buffet

Hello (:

We had another one-of-those-odd-timing days recently and we decided to have a late and filling high tea so that we wouldn't have to search for dinner again a few hours later, and off to Coffee Lounge we went for lots of local food. Truth be told, I don't think I'm a huge fan of local fare, meaning I don't need to have it daily and not having it daily wouldn't cause me to feel great discomfort, but I like indulging in it once in a while, and by indulgence I mean eating a lot of it.

I didn't take photos of bubs' plates so what you see in the next few photos are the food that I ate, which I think are pretty good! The best savoury dish (not pictured) is the laksa, which is super spicy (to me) but a definite must-try! (: The desserts are also good, and it was my first time eating apom! (: It tastes like a cold pancake with thicker dough and it comes with banana gravy. Yummy!

It's officially one more week to the hols and for once, I really can't wait for it to arrive cos this term has been gruelling!

Enjoy your Sunday! (: