Saturday, May 23

Kilo & Pact

Hello (:

We dropped by Kilo & Pact a while ago for a light meal because we were both stuffed from our heavy lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed the clean tasting and flavourful dishes (: To me, Kilo serves nicely done fusion-ish food and it is always a pleasure trying out new dishes here! What I really like about Kilo is its simplicity and clean-looking/tasting foods (: Check out their menu to see what they offer! (:

It's rainy start to the weekend but we'll have a blast any how! (: Take care and enjoy yourselves! (:

Tuesday, May 19

Omakase Burger

Hello (:

The semester's coming to an end but we still have normal lessons (horrors!) and many loose ends to tie up before we can take a short breather during June break! But till we get to June, we can always indulge in some comfort (but sinful) food (: (: 

Onward with the week! (: 

Monday, May 11

Sunny Choice

Hello (:

Marking season is almost over and normal life will resume but before that happens, let me share THE BEST Thunder Tea Rice that I've had in my life to date - Sunny Choice's Thunder Tea Rice! (:

We first tried it a month ago and we liked it so much that we went back for more a few days ago! It's really yummy and doesn't taste like the usual thunder tea rice that is served at food courts.

Understandably, it's an acquired taste so if you don't like it, you might never like this =P

There are many other dishes at Sunny Choice though so you can check out the menu before going down (:

Have a great week ahead! (:

Wednesday, May 6

Fries Attack

Hello (:

Marking makes markers mysteriously hungry. So we have been getting fries.. and loads of it! =P

Just wanted to share that Udders Pancakes serves Salted Egg Yolk Fries which are yummy so you should give it a shot if you are feeling adventurous! (:

Shall press on to the finish line!