Wednesday, April 30


Marking makes us hungry.. very hungry. This post shall be dedicated to our pre-marking outing to town, where we ate a hearty meal to cultivate a relaxed mood and positive mindset so that we will be clear-headed and fair in our marking (:

From left to right in a clockwise direction: Wurstelplatte ($32.50), Salad (Schupfnudeln) ($14.50), Spatzle ($5). The salad was surprisingly good and the spatzle kept me full.. (: Spatzle is something like pasta except that it tastes more flour-y and buttery. Good dish to order if you're a carbo queen like me =D

Alright time to have dessert! (: Will post more photos of marking-food when I'm taking a break from marking (:

Saturday, April 26


Whenever we are around the Somerset area and we feel like eating brunch food, Oriole Cafe is our default choice! (:

Our typical meal there starts off with us indulging in their wonderful coffee (: We usually have citrus sin coffee but our last visit to Oriole, we decided to give other drinks a shot. Matty had the chili mocha ($6) while I had an upsized mint mocha ($7) which I really liked (: It doesn't hurt that their latte art is so pretty!

And he settled for bangers and mash ($18), which was non-fussy and easy to prepare. He said their sausages were good cos they didn't taste too processed.

I ordered the salmon benedict ($19) which took forever to come because they missed out my order! =| But thankfully they were super gracious about it - not only did they apologise profusely, they also decided to waive our dessert charge! (: (: Anyhow, the salmon benedict was pretty unusual because they used Chinese spinach (which I thought was quite strange cos it gave the entire dish a different taste) and they also used cooked salmon fillet, which I liked because while I don't really mind smoked salmon, I think I prefer nicely cooked salmon fillet! (: The hollandaise sauce was also thick and creamy, so it complemented everything well.

A photo of our free dessert - my banoffee in a cup! I absolutely love this dessert and almost always have it when I'm at Oriole. Some find it too sweet so it might be a good idea to share this (:

Term 2 is a crazy term and we're only halfway through it! Shall persevere and look fwd to the end (:

Saturday, April 12


Hello (:

It's been a crazily long week and I'm so thankful that the madness has finally ended. I must say that I'm very grateful to have wonderful kids who will somehow rise to the occasion and perform to/ beyond my expectations and am also very very appreciative and grateful to my supportive and caring siblings and bubs who have been slogging with me for the past few weeks. Thank you all so much! I am feeling very tired but very blessed at the moment.

So while I wait for my hair to dry so that I can crash for the night, I'll upload two photos which I took recently at my meal at Chili's. Chili's is definitely a significant place to me because of all the memories associated with this place, especially the Tanglin branch. It's my to-go-to comfort food place and I really think that it'll always occupy a special place in my foodie list. So here they are:

Mushroom Alfredo Pasta ($17) 

Classic Beef Fajitas ($29)

Okay time to rest now (: Goodnight! (:

Saturday, April 5

Sun with Moon


It's pouring outside at the moment so that gave me the impetus to post some photos of rainy-day comfort food (: Personally, I think warm/ soupy foods are splendid for rainy days and Sun with Moon's set meals are perfect for such days! (:

I am currently going through a yuzu-honey tea ($5.50) phase and whenever I see this beverage on the menu, I'll definitely get it! I think $5.50 for this cup of tea is ridiculously overpriced though =| But it kept me warm and it sustained me while waiting for my food to arrive.

My dining partner decided to have the cold ginger tea ($5.50), which I conveniently forgot to try. I've only ever drunk warm ginger tea so I don't know how the cold version tastes.. but I guess it shouldn't differ too much? Will make it a point to try next time.

If you are a fan of sushi, you can order this Premium Sushi Set ($36.80), which comes with a variety of fresh sushi and a big bowl of soup with salmon! (: It's HUGE and it will definitely fill you up! (:

Not to be beaten by the Premium Sushi Set, my Shokado Set ($36.80) was equally substantial and it was just what I needed that day because I was famished! I liked everything that was served so I think this set is perfect for me. Oh the only let down was the piece of mackerel at the top left hand corner of the tray - it was hardly edible cos it was very hard =| Other than that, it was perfect! (:

My set even came with a scoop of green tea ice cream topped with red bean paste (: Yumyum.

Alright I'll think of where I can possibly go for lunch later and what I should eat! (: But if the weather stays this way, I might just order something in.. we shall see! (:

Have a great weekend! (: