Wednesday, December 28

Tiong Bahru Market

Hello (:

We didn't travel this holiday so we made it a point to go to places that we seldom go to during term time and one such place is Tiong Bahru Market, a hawker place that I used to frequent a little more when I was a kid! (:

The place has cleaned up quite a bit and some stalls have changed hands but I think the general feel is the same (: We have been there twice and both times I chose to queue for noodles because I'm more of a noodles than rice person (:

The famous lor mee has a shark nuggets option so if you want the full experience, you can opt for the shark nuggets! =P The sauce is not too viscous nor is it too salty and it really complements the noodles well (: I can see why people think that this ranks as one of the best lor mees around.

The fishball noodles were unexpectedly good partly cos the noodles were slightly al dente and also cos the sauce was very tasty! (: I would have this again any day but I don't think I'll be willing to queue for so long for this again! (We went around 1ish pm and the queue for this bowl of noodles was 20-25min long)

All in all, I think Tiong Bahru Market is worth repeated visits and we can't wait to get back to try other dishes! (:

Enjoy what's left of the holidays and Happy New Year in advance! (:

Sunday, December 18

Food Trail from Hillview to Coronation

Hello (:

We decided to spend this December holiday in Singapore because we wanted to explore our new neighbourhood a little as well as to figure out how best to do things at home so that we will be all set and ready for 2017 when it comes! (:

So apart from doing lots of cleaning and experimenting in the kitchen, we have also been visiting the nearby places for quick meals. One of the new places that we've been to is called Klang Bak Kut Teh and it serves the dry kind of bak kut teh (see top right of pic below). LC likes it and we introduced Klang to our friend and he liked it too so I am guessing it's not too bad a place to go to if you want to give the dry BKT a try (:

We are also fortunate enough to live not too far from Spruce, so we can always head there (on a non-rainy day) for some western/ brunchy grub (: I personally like it when it's less crowded cos it won't be too noisy, so early brunches on weekends or brunches on weekdays are preferred.

Once or twice a month, we have this insatiable craving for good indian food and we always head to Karu's at Sime Darby (next to KAP MRT station) to satisfy our need. Our family has been eating at Karu's for at least a decade and their food never disappoints. You really have to try it! (:

On not-so-good days, I always go to Atlas for my favourite pancakes! I know some/ most people find their signature pancakes a little too sweet but I absolutely LOVE it, especially on a bad day. It really is my antidote and it makes me feel a teensy bit better (: On other average days or on days when I don't mind overpaying for cafe food, I go to Atlas to try the other savoury items on their menu:

Oh and we recently made an unexpected discovery! Lana Cake Shop actually sells astoundingly good carrot cake! It can possibly rival Cedele's in my humble opinion. You should try it to judge for yourself (: 

Alright that's all for our food adventures thus far (: We'll continue to update this space when we are free but for now, we'll try to indulge in other activities (e.g. watching tv series and movies) that we do not have time for during school term. Have a good week ahead, everyone! (:

Friday, December 2

Malacca Retreat

Hello (:

I went to Malacca with my CCA kids and colleagues earlier this week and I must say that this retreat is not like the rest that I've been to, but it was still great overall! (:

What's most interesting about this retreat is that I got to try food that I usually will not eat/ don't get to eat! One of these dishes is the Hakka Taro Paste Balls also known as 'suan pan'. It's this chewy almost mochi like savoury ball made of taro and flour and it's actually pretty addictive! Heh

The other dish that I got to try, which apparently is all the rage in Malacca at present, is Cheese Beehoon with Big Prawns. Our guide told us that the stall owner charges based on the number of prawns ordered, and he gives us beehoon for free! Guess the cost of beehoon is negligible. Heh. This is definitely one dish that needs to be shared because you can get gelat pretty quickly! It really taste as it looks so expect something rich and creamy (and peppery) when you eat this! (:

The last pic doesn't feature an exotic/ novel dish but it does show how small the egg mcmuffin is! I was stunned when I saw downsized my breakfast was! Hahaha Oh well, at least it tasted the same -- that's one reason why I'll always patronise Macdonalds no matter which country I go to cos I can always trust their consistency! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good weekend everyone! (: