Monday, June 22

Madam Kwan's

Hello (:

I tried Madam Kwan's for the first time in KL today and I frankly think that I don't have what it takes to truly enjoy spicy food! Haha But I liked my nasi lemak and the veggies that we shared so I'm happy to have eaten at Madam Kwan's. Gotta thank one of my kids for the recommendation! (: If you love spicy food or if you want to try some Malaysian food in KL, you can always go to Madam Kwan's (: It might not be the best in KL but I think it's good enough (for me at least!) (:

Thank you for the special treat! The girls and I enjoyed our food (:

Shall get ready for the competition over the next few days! Have a great week ahead! (:

Saturday, June 13

Miam Miam

Hello! (:

We went to Miam Miam not too long ago to try out their much-raved about desserts and other normal food and we're happy to say that the dishes we ordered lived up to our expectations (: We chose a mix of their "featured dishes" as well as those that tickled our fancy and I think we'll go back again in the near future to try other dishes! Personally, I loved the way they did their french toast and I dare say it's one of the better ones I've had in Sg! (:

It gets pretty crowded during meal times so you might want to go just before the crowd comes or visit at odd times of the day so that you won't have to queue for a long time to get a table! (:

Happy weekend! (:

Wednesday, June 10


Hello (:

The week has been going swimmingly well so far and I am just willing both my body and mind to not succumb to the teachers' curse of only falling ill during the hols cos that is the only time when we don't have to feel guilty for missing lessons! =D

We went to Margarita's over the weekend and I think we enjoyed both the food and ambience a lot (: There's something about Mexican food &/or restaurants that gives a very homely and communal feeling. Anyhow, here are some of the things that we ordered that evening:

I think the dishes are generally interesting and the dessert was by far the most exotic that I've tasted. It's supposed to be chocolate mousse but it is served with salt AND olive oil! Haha the combination is unfamiliar to me but I think it didn't taste as bizarre as I thought it would have. Heh. It's very chocolatey and rich though so I would highly recommend that you share this with others! (:

Alright that's all for now! I hope that the rest of the week will be as wonderful as the first few days! (:

Saturday, June 6

Rise and Grind

Hello (:

I really can't believe that the first week of June break went by so quickly! I think this is partly due to the fact that I had to attend a 3day conference so that took up most of my week. However, I think being able to try new food places during the rest of the days helped in getting me into the holiday mood because I seldom have the luxury of time to travel to wherever it is that we wanna eat at to visit new food places and try new dishes!

Thankfully, there are enough eateries around my area to try out so we don't have to travel far distances all the time. My sister and I visited a new cafe at Bukit Timah Plaza and we were happy that the food is pretty good! (: We liked all the dishes that we ordered so I think we might go back to try others! (: I realised I didn't take a photo of her iced chocolate but other than that, the rest of the food items that we ordered have been photographed. All these items cost $50 in all so I guess the price is comparable to other cafe food prices. It's not too bad a place if you want cafe-type food or just a place to hide from the heat! (:

Oh I must mention that I really like their waffles! However, it can be quite filling, especially if you aren't a carbo monster like me, so I would highly recommend that you share it if you don't particularly love waffles or if you can't take a lot of flour =P

Have a good Sunday! (:

Monday, June 1


Hello! (:

On the first day of June break, we decided to go to IKEA for lunch because we had to check out some lights for SISC!

As expected, IKEA was extremely packed even though it was already 2plus (nearing 3!) in the afternoon and there were almost no empty seats at the IKEA cafe. Thankfully, after walking around for 10mins, we managed to find a table in the quieter part of the cafe, so I sat down while he went to get our food. I think that's how we get things done these days: divide and conquer. And that might just be the winning strategy (if applied correctly) to survive and thrive for the rest of the year (and possibly beyond?).

So here's a pic of the feast that he got for us (: I gobbled down my meal quickly cos I was famished by the time the food arrived, and then we proceeded to walk down the familiar aisles once we were done eating.

What a great way to start the June break (: