Thursday, December 25

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hello (:

During crazy periods like pre-Christmas and pre-CNY, I especially appreciate having eateries near my place because we don't have to battle with the madness before we get our food. We have been going to Boon Tong Kee quite a bit this year but we decided to give Five Star a try, and it didn't disappoint! (:

Guess we have yet another place to eat at when we get hungry and/or too lazy to travel to town for grub.

Can't wait to have Christmas dinner later! The funny man is cooking so we won't have to leave the house, which is great! Merry Christmas everyone! (:

Sunday, December 21


Hello (:

I'm back from Melbourne and I can see what it is marketed as the 'most liveable city in the world' ;) It really is a pleasant country with lots of great food, energy and a dash of artsy vibe. Perhaps I was lucky to have extremely good weather during my stay in Melbourne (although I must admit that it was still chilly when the wind blew despite the sun being out in its full glory) because I managed to be out and about every day, exploring Melbourne CBD and its surrounding areas in Victoria, so I felt like I managed to make good use of my time in Melbourne, just getting sucked into the flow of things, and enjoying time spent away from work and the www.

I must admit that I had wanted to give a little commentary after each meal but after uploading the rather massive number of food photos, I decided against doing so or I will have to sacrifice 1h of my sleep. Heh. I think I made the conscientious effort to take a photo of the names of the shops/ cafes/ restaurants that we visited (except for two if I'm not wrong) hence you can actually refer to the photos to know where I went.

We went through our photos over dinner just now and my sisters exclaimed (vehemently) that I should really STOP using the date stamp because it ruins my photos =| Oh well, I'll consider removing the date stamp the next time I use my camera. Heh.

Alright enough talking, photos!


I might have left out a few other photos but I think this is the bulk of it! (: I must really thank my trusty travel companion and my long time friend for making this trip such a relaxing and enjoyable one (:

Have a good Sunday everyone! (: