Thursday, September 24

Bar Bar Black Sheep and Haagen Dazs

We are trying our best to hide indoors right now but yesterday, we braved the haze and went out for dinner because we wanted to round of the bub's birthday celebrations together! (:

We went to Holland V for some very decent grub at Bar Bar Black Sheep and then for ice-cream at Haagen Dazs (: Photo quality isn't great cos of the lighting (and believe it or not - the haze) but these shall do.

Thankful for the one day break to rest indoors and just do things we like (:

Take care everyone! (: Stay well!

Friday, September 18

Real Food

Hello (:

Once in a while, the bub will agree to visit cafes/ restaurants that he will normally not visit on his own because the food served at these places probably do not appeal to him, but he gives in anyway, which is quite nice of him. One of these places is Real Food and I must say that it is difficult not to feel that you've eaten a rather wholesome meal after dining at this cafe.

Some of the dishes that we had during our last visit included:

I must say that the food tastes slightly different from usual because of the ingredients/ substitutes that they use, but the variation in taste is refreshing for me and I would gladly go back to Real Food from time to time to try their other dishes (:

Alright it's time to sleep so that we can wake bright and early to make full use of the weekend! (: Goodnight!

Wednesday, September 16

Spruce at the Fire Station


We had the best brunch in a long time over the weekend and I'm not sure if it's because we managed to make it to Spruce in time for their weekend brunch or if it is because we saw this meal as our reward for toiling the previous day serving our nation (which, surprisingly, I like pretty much despite it being exhausting). Regardless, we had a great meal at Spruce and we definitely think that it's a pretty "safe" place to go to when we are in need of some brunchy food (:

I really loved my pancakes and I think I might just go back there in the near future for some more =P

Just two more days to the weekend! Hang in there and enjoy the rest of the week! (:

Thursday, September 10

Mezza9 Set Lunch

Hello (:

Holidays are a great time to meet and catch up with friends and I must say that my social calendar has been rather packed this hols, much to the delight of my peers who rarely see me during term time =P

One of the nicest and most filling meals I've had this entire week is my lunch at Mezza9. Apart from offering their usual set lunches, they also offer customised set lunches (i.e. you can choose which starter/ main/ dessert you want). You may view their set lunches here:

I chose to have the customised 3-course set lunch and here are the dishes that I ordered:

I think you might not want to order such a simple main dish because it's not really worth the price that you pay so I would highly recommend that you go for the Mezza9 wagyu burger (which was a favourite amongst my friends) or the roast of the day (which my friends loved too). (:

The ambience is nice and we felt comfortable enough to sit there for 3 full hours to just eat and chat (: I would highly recommend Mezza9 if you are looking for a great lunch place during the weekdays!

Alright, time to get some breakfast before reporting for Elections Briefing!

Tuesday, September 1

High Tea and Regent's Tea Lounge

I think I'm already in a holiday mood though technically there's still one more long day to get through before I can really cut myself some slack and take a few full days off work to rest and recuperate. I know that I'm supposed to be doing other things but I can't help but gravitate towards things that are not work-related, which explains this post (:

I might have mentioned this before but my eating hours can be quite off and our trip to the Tea Lounge for high tea recently was a consequence of my bad time management in the morning, which is just as well because we managed to eat a lot during our "high tea" and truly enjoyed our time together (:

I really can't wait for the Sept Hols to arrive - more sleep, more feasting and more time to do anything and everything! (: