Monday, August 30

Al Borgo

Hello! (:

I decided to post an entry before going back to work! The stretch of road opposite Singapore Chinese Girls' School is fast becoming a pitstop for supermarket-goers as well as those in need of a quick bite! Currently, there's one ice-cream parlour and two restaurants located opposite SCGS and come the end of next month, there'll be a new Macdonalds outlet as well as a Cold Storage! I guess that'll be the new hangout for students studying in schools near that area! (:

Not long ago, we decided to visit Al Borgo, one of the two restaurants located in the above mentioned area. We'd passed by this restaurant many times on our way back from town so we thought we'd give it a try.
Al Borgo is located at the corner of the row of shops and it has a cosy interior.

We ordered soft drinks ($3.90 per can) because it was such a hot day and also because the drinks are relatively cheaper than other restaurants that charge a ridiculous $6 and above for a can/ cup of soft drink!

One thing I absolutely adore about Italian restaurants is that they always serve complimentary bread! These slices of bread were warm and soft but they tasted pretty normal.

Grated cheese for our pasta/ pizza.

REALLY spicy chilli flakes for our pasta/ pizza. The waiter warned us that their chilli flakes were very spicy but I thought he was exaggerating because how spicy could Italian chilli flakes be right? Boy was I wrong! Thankfully I only dipped the edge of my fork into the chilli flakes for tasting instead of sprinkling them all over my pasta/ pizza!

My main dish was spinach ravioli with creamy pumpkin sauce ($19.50), which was mind-blowingly awesome! (: (: (: I simply loved everything about this dish, especially the smooth and thick pumpkin sauce that blended perfectly with the well-cooked ravioli pieces. I would definitely go back to Al Borgo just for this dish!

Jeffrey ordered their ham and mushroom pizza ($19), which was also very well done! The crust of this pizza was slightly more 'doughy' and less 'biscuity' so I liked it a lot!

For dessert, we'd opted for our default-Italian-restaurant-dessert: Tiramisu ($8.50), which turned out to be a slight disappointment because it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. The sponge layers were soaked in coffee instead of alcohol so there was a distinct lack of bitterness in the dessert. Nevertheless, we managed to finish it because we didn't want such a lovely piece of cake to go to waste.

In contrast, the lava cioccolato/ chocolate lava cake ($9.50) was a complete pleaser because it was warm, luscious and it oozed of pure goodness! We were pretty surprised when we saw the waiter pour some flammable liquid on our little cup of lava cake but the flame soon died off and our dessert sat piping hot in front of us, waiting to be eaten. This is definitely the dessert to order when one dines at Al Borgo!

In short, I think Al Borgo serves good Italian food at reasonable prices and it's definitely a place you want to go with friends because of the relaxed setting and atmosphere. I'll definitely return in the near future! (:


  1. Hi Miss Lim! I decided to visit your Food Blog and I think you should go try out Da Paolo's Bistro located at Rochester Park one day! They've got really good Italian food :>

    Nicole Chua

  2. Hello Nicole! (:

    Thanks for suggesting Da Paolo Bistro! I will go there soon! =)