Friday, December 2

Malacca Retreat

Hello (:

I went to Malacca with my CCA kids and colleagues earlier this week and I must say that this retreat is not like the rest that I've been to, but it was still great overall! (:

What's most interesting about this retreat is that I got to try food that I usually will not eat/ don't get to eat! One of these dishes is the Hakka Taro Paste Balls also known as 'suan pan'. It's this chewy almost mochi like savoury ball made of taro and flour and it's actually pretty addictive! Heh

The other dish that I got to try, which apparently is all the rage in Malacca at present, is Cheese Beehoon with Big Prawns. Our guide told us that the stall owner charges based on the number of prawns ordered, and he gives us beehoon for free! Guess the cost of beehoon is negligible. Heh. This is definitely one dish that needs to be shared because you can get gelat pretty quickly! It really taste as it looks so expect something rich and creamy (and peppery) when you eat this! (:

The last pic doesn't feature an exotic/ novel dish but it does show how small the egg mcmuffin is! I was stunned when I saw downsized my breakfast was! Hahaha Oh well, at least it tasted the same -- that's one reason why I'll always patronise Macdonalds no matter which country I go to cos I can always trust their consistency! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good weekend everyone! (:


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