Saturday, June 7

Pizzeria Mozza

Hello (:

The hols are FINALLY here! I say "finally" because the first week of hols didn't really feel like hols since I had some school-related thing to settle almost every single day so it wasn't till last night that I felt that the hols had truly begun. Even though I still have some other things that I need to attend to next week, I am relieved that I don't have to go down to school so I'm quite happy about that (:

Our 45th anniversary dinner turned out pretty well and I think it surpassed my expectations thanks to the councillors and table friends! (: I think everyone had quite a good time, and kids who managed to take a selfie with PM Lee were noticeably happy as they were beaming throughout the night! (:

A few of us went to Pizzeria Mozza yesterday for lunch to catch up and I enjoyed myself thoroughly as usual (: I really appreciate the company and the advice that I get from this group of friends and I feel very privileged that I got to know them somehow (:

Pizzeria Mozza was crowded as usual and I'm actually quite surprised that people have time for such long lunches! The food is still good as usual though we had to wait for quite a long while for our pizza to arrive. Here are some pictures of the food we had:

Funghi misti, fontina, taleggio & thyme pizza ($30) 

 White anchovy, tomato & fresh red chiles pizza ($28)

 Buricotta with peperonata,olive Taggiasche & oregano pizza ($26)

Butterscotch budino, Maldon sea salt & rosemary pine nut cookies ($16)

Can't wait for the real holidays to begin! Whoohoo!

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