Thursday, October 1

Cafe Hacienda

Apart from desserts, another course that I simply cannot resist is a big hearty breakfast set! I need not have a good breakfast set in the morning; I can have it at any time of the day and it'll still bring a megawatt smile to my face.

My idea of big hearty breakfast sets are usually those breakfast/ brunch sets that are usually served during weekends at chillax cafes such as Cafe Hacienda, which Jeffrey and I patronised last weekend.

I got really excited when I saw the words "all day breakfast"! =) I wonder whether their menu remains the same throughout the day or whether there's a day/ night menu.

I made a discovery during our lunch session at Cafe Hacienda: Jeffrey likes eating sugar straight from the sachet but he hardly does so because he thinks that it's unhealthy! I remember eating spoonfuls of sugar whenever hunger pangs hit me when I was young! =P Jeffrey eventually brought a sachet of raw sugar home but he didn't eat it (probably because the health-conscious side of him didn't allow him to do so).

Coaster! I think this coaster was taken from Hacienda Bar, which is located next to Hacienda Cafe. The bar was closed in the day but I guess it'll be opened at night.

Bolognaise Spaghetti ($20). I didn't think the portion size justified the price but Jeffrey insists that the quality made up for the smaller-than-expected serving size. He finished his spaghetti pretty quickly so I guess he really liked it a lot (either that or he was just hungrier than usual, heh).

The Ultimate Breakfast Set ($17). Frankly speaking, I was torn between a few choices but I eventually settled for this because I felt like having eggs on that day. My scrambled eggs were fantastic - they were warm, creamy and extremely flavourful. I loved every bite of it! =) The toast went very well with the eggs and the salad on the side gave a good contrast to the creamy eggy taste. Jeffrey and I were wondering why the sausage was greenish in colour but it tasted pretty good so I guess the colour doesn't matter that much eh?

Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice-cream ($10). We ended off our meal with this dessert and it proved to be a wise choice because it was much better than I'd expected. The pudding was denser than other sticky date puddings that I've tried and I suspect this is because the dates to pudding ration was higher than normal. I actually liked the strong date flavour and I think the vanilla bean icecream went impeccably well with it. A great dessert to try! =)

I'm thoroughly satisfied with my first visit to Cafe Hacienda and I'm sure I'll revisit this place soon. I can't wait to try the other yummy items on their menu! (: Oh by the way, if you're planning to go on a weekend, I'd suggest making a reservation because the cafe doesn't have a very large seating capacity and it was fullhouse when we went last weekend.

Alright, that's all for today! (: Take care!


  1. hello jan! *waves*
    the breakfast set looks soooo good!!! i luv reading your food blog :)

  2. hello! (:

    are you sumi? thank you for leaving a comment! (: hope your weekend is going well!

  3. It's at Dempsey! (: It's near PS Cafe.