Sunday, March 8

Dessert Table at My Sister's Wedding Reception

Hello! (:

My sister got married yesterday and we're all happy for her! (: Each of us were deployed to do various tasks for her wedding and I was in the desserts table team, along with another trusty bub. My sister didn't want to only have desserts from a particular vendor so what she did was to order a variety of desserts from various vendors and The Desserts Table Team had to place the items in a visually-appealing manner (: Overall, I think it was a success as her guests were very impressed by the range of food and the overall presentation! Whee (:


Alright today shall be rest and recuperate day so we shan't push ourselves too hard. Had a tiring but fulfilling day yesterday! Congratulations once again, Nette! (:


  1. I am sure you had almost all types of deserts at your sister’s wedding and all of these deserts looks so delicious, especially donuts. Could you please tell me from where you ordered these deserts? I also want to order these sweets in Las Vegas Weddings venue for my wedding day.

    1. Hello! (: You can actually click on the photos and zoom in to see where each food item came from. I'm not sure if these can be found in Las Vegas but I'm pretty sure you can get Famous Amos, Garett's and Krispy Kreme in the USA (: Hope that helps!