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We went to Bugis Plus not too long ago because we wanted to have ramen at one of the Ramen Champion restaurants! =) I remember that area being very crowded a few years ago when it first came to Singapore because my family queued for quite a long while before we got our table! My impression of the ramen I had then was only so-so hence I didn't think much of going back to have ramen.

However, Matty, who is a huge ramen fan, told me that he had never been to Ramen Champion so we decided to check out one of the restaurants there!

After he did his research, he decided on having ramen from Taishoken so that's where we went to!

Taishoken uses these devices which beep when your food is ready so you know when to go back to the counter to get your food! (: I think this is actually quite ingenious as you won't have to keep hovering around the food collection point to wait for your food to be ready.

Since it was our first time there, we decided to order the two highly recommended dishes. I had the Tokyo Ramen Deluxe ($15 for regular), which is thick ramen noodles with charsiew slices, egg and bamboo shoots. I think the ramen was possibly the thickest that I've tasted so far and it doesn't taste like the normal ramen that I use to eat. I didn't particularly like the thick soup base because I prefer shio base but I think this was more shoyu-ish but it has lotsa flavour! On the whole it was quite a hearty dish and it definitely is filling!

Matty chose to have the Tsukemen Deluxe Ramen ($15 for regular). Frankly, I've never had or seen Tsukemen ramen being eaten before so this was definitely something new to me. Basically this is cold ramen dish where you pick up the cooked, plain ramen from the bowl on the right and dip the ramen in the cold, salty sauce seen in the bowl on the left of this photo. You can control how flavourful you want your ramen to be by controlling how much sauce you choose to coat your ramen with. I made the mistake of trying to taste the sauce on its own and it's pretty strong! Definitely NOT to be drunk neat! Guess this is an alternative choice to the usual warm ramen that we have.

Ramen Champion was surprisingly empty on the Saturday afternoon that we went, maybe because we just missed the lunch crowd? We definitely wouldn't mind going back again to try ramen from other stalls but whether we actually make it to Bugis Plus depends heavily on our moods and the weather because it's not very convenient to get to Bugis Plus from our area.

Alright that's all for now! Have a good weekend! (:

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