Sunday, February 14


Hello (:

I'm gonna say outright that this post does not do Basilico justice cos there is way more food offered than what is featured. The main reason why I didn't take that many photos was cos I was sitting at at area where the light was spoilt, hence there was no lighting and I found it very troublesome to take photos! =| I had to borrow my sister's space whenever I had to take photos, which was troublesome, so I stopped after the first few plates =P

Basilico's Italian buffet, in my humble opinion, is possibly the best Italian buffet that I have ever eaten. The quality of food is always superb and the selection of dishes is massive (: It was my sisters' first visit to Basilico and they were extremely impressed with all that they tried! (: I'm pretty sure we'll end up going back to Basilico again one day (:

For now, here are some photos taken at Basilico:

[The other Italian buffet that's simpler but also very good is Pete's Place! The Italian food at Pete's is more homely-Italian and the food is slightly more affordable (:]

Alright that's all for now (: Happy Sunday!

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