Tuesday, May 24


Hello (:

I have been having strong waffle-cravings over the past couple of weeks and I think I've eaten at least 4 full waffles in the past 2 weeks, which is a lot to me! Thankfully, I think I've finally had enough waffles so I'm gonna give it a short break. Heh.

Here are some of the waffles which I have had, which are not bad at all in my opinion:

Rise & Grind - I love their waffle batter! I had this once every week in the past 2 weeks cos it's possibly the most accessible cafe from my place! 

Atlas Coffeehouse - Their waffle toppings are decadent and rich! Their waffles are nice but I prefer their signature pancakes. Both are very filling and can substitute a meal if you feel that you want to have an entire waffle to yourself. 

Montana Brew - We visited this cafe yesterday with 2 dear friends and we liked the interesting taste of Black Sesame Ice-cream on Black Velvet batter! 

The other waffle places that we often frequent are Revelry and Udders, which are near our place as well. We hope that more cafes will spring up around our new neighbourhood so that we won't have to travel too far for good waffles!

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good week ahead!

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