Sunday, May 29

Jumbo Seafood

Hello (:

I realised that we usually don't get a real break from school till the second week of June hols or so, but this doesn't deter us from doing something a little special or a little out of the ordinary to welcome the hols! This time, it was to indulge in a giant wok of chili crabs, a dish which we have yet to eat together for over a year!

When it comes to crabs, I tend to want to go to Jumbo cos my first memories of eating crabs were at Jumbo and I also like that they're consistently good, so off we went to Jumbo yesterday for a feast!

Thankfully, we went for a walk around the MBS area after our meal and it helped to keep the crab coma away (somehow my body shuts down if I ingest too much crab meat so I guess I need to moderate).

Superb way to kickstart the hols! (:

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