Thursday, February 16

Salt Tapas and Bar

Hello (:

It's almost the end of a superbly long week, and I suspect this is the first of many weeks of its kind. January has spoilt us rotten partly cos of the festive break(s) so we've to adjust and get back into the rhythm of school all over again.

Thankfully, weekends are filled with both rest and exploration of some kind - be it visiting a new place or trying something new for the first time. Last weekend, we visited Salt Tapas and Bar and we were impressed with their interesting dishes (: It was also the first time that I've eaten barramundi since my previous food poisoning incident (caused by some barramundi I suspect) and I'm super grateful that I felt alright after that (:

Really can't wait for Friday evening to come because that's when the weekend arrives and we can get to catch up on rest again (:

Have a good rest of the week!

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