Monday, June 7

La Nonna @Holland Village

Hello (:

The holidays are passing way too quickly! There's still much to do and loads to explore! Just yesterday, Jeffrey and I spent a few hours walking up and down Orchard Road noticing the numerous changes and squeezing with the rest of the town-ers for walking space at certain junctions inside and outside the shopping centres. It was one of the rare weekend days that we chose to have in town and I must say that I kind of like being with the throng of people, probably because we weren't there for long.

Although I liked the bustling weekend energy, I think it is sometimes necessary to retreat to somewhere less busy and less noisy for a pleasant meal that can be taken at a comfortably slow pace. One such place is La Nonna at Holland Village.

There are three Italian restaurants that are situated near each other at the centre of Holland Village and it is possible to miss La Nonna since it's signboard isn't very flashy. I actually think La Nonna's signboard is very simple and classy (: We chose to have lunch here because we have been to the other two Italian restaurants and wanted to give this a go.

As usual, there's complementary bread and breadsticks with olive oil and vinegar. The breadsticks here are crispy and light and I like them very much! (: I'm starting to think that it's unnecessary to order starters at Italian restaurants unless I've a craving for something other than plain bread because we are always given free bread anyway!

For my main course, I decided to order pesto penne ($18). The pesto taste wasn't very strong and the penne pasta was bathed in a generous amount of olive oil so it wasn't too dry. On the whole, I would say that this dish was merely average. Perhaps I will try their signature pasta/ spaghetti dish in future.

The highlight of the meal was probably Jeffrey's La Nonna Pizza ($19). This special pizza has asparagus, black truffle, tomato, parmesan, mozzarella and an egg for toppings! =) How interesting! Seeing the sunshine egg sitting so snuggly in the middle of this pizza made us feel really gleeful! (: The pizza tasted as good as it looks so please order this if you want a pizza with less meat on it.

Last but not least, we ordered a slice of tiramisu ($12) to share. La Nonna's tiramisu is without a doubt better than most tiramisus that I've tasted so far and it's worth all twelve bucks! (: I will definitely have this again if I were to visit in future.

On the whole, I think La Nonna lived up to my expectations in terms of quality of food and ambience. I will probably return to try their set lunches! =) Alright that's all for now! Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Their tiramisu does look good! (: Still, twelve bucks! Haha, anyway, we ought to reward/treat you at least once before you leave (because of the D)! (: