Friday, June 11


Hello! (:

Although I didn't have to do anything exceedingly tedious this week, I'm still thankful that it's Friday because I'm flying off tonight for a much needed holiday! (: (: (: I really hope that I'll be able to catch some shuteye on the plane and that my legs will not swell again! That would be awful! Maybe I should just walk around the plane every hour or so to stimulate blood circulation! Oh well, we'll see how it goes. Long flights, especially long night flights, are a pain for me because I can't sleep on planes ):

Anyhow, I thought I'd post a blog entry about our visit (Jeffrey's first!) to L'espresso at Goodwood Park. This is the second time I'm visiting L'espresso this year and this experience is as splendid as the previous! Thumbs up for consistency in quality of food and service! (: If I'm not wrong, their menu hasn't changed much over the years because I remember going to L'espresso a few years ago and the food on display was similar to what Jeffrey and I had a couple of weeks ago! I really like their classic English high tea buffet spread so I hope they won't alter their menu too much (if they even do so) in the near future.

For $36++/pax, you get to have two different types of hot/ cold drinks listed on the menu as well as free flow of food. We opted for the following drinks:

Hot chocolate. It was warm and milky and Jeffrey liked it! (: I love how the teapot, teacup and saucer have matching designs! (: Very English.

Iced Lemon Tea. Cool and refreshing, and you get to decide how sweet you want it to be because you can pour your own syrup into the drink.

Iced chocolate. Jeffrey was having a rare chocolate-indulgence day so he decided to have the iced chocolate after his hot chocolate! You need to stir this drink so that the chocolate (which is currently at the bottom of the glass in this photo) can be mixed with the rest of the drink.

I chose to have iced tea for my second drink because I needed something cool. The taste of tea is much stronger for this drink compared to iced lemon tea.

One thing I noticed about Jeffrey's buffet routine is that he always starts off with some salad. Salad lovers will like L'espresso because apart from the usual lettuce, they also serve vegetable sticks like the carrot sticks pictured above. I liked their smoked salmon slices and I kept going back for more!

L'espresso is famous for their sandwiches and petite savoury bites. On this plate, there are toasted bread with cheese and some vegetables/ meat, egg sandwich, salmon slices on a slice of bread with caviar topping, tuna tart with salad topping. Every item on this plate tastes fantastic! =)

Other stuff that we tried: Kueh pie tee, ham & cheese sandwich, croissant with mango and shrimps, crepe with ham. If you have a really small appetite, go for the kueh pie tee, it's to die for!

Jeffrey REALLY loves their egg sandwich so he went for more! He also tried their parma ham with rock melon sandwich. I was afraid that he would find the clashing flavours a little jarring so I ate the two little rock melon balls for him.

Warm food platter: toasted bread with ham, potato balls, pasta with spinach and cheese. I think I'm biased towards spinach because I feel that it's good for me hence I thought the pasta dish was pretty good (: Admittedly, I felt that the three ingredients could have been held together by a singular strong taste.

Nevertheless, I went for more pasta and spinach and smoked salmon despite the average taste of the pasta and spinach.

And then it was time for desserts! (: Wheehee! By this time, I was already almost filled to the brim but I simply could NOT resist bread & butter pudding! Whoohoo! It was relatively good apart from the fact that it wasn't warm. The thick vanilla sauce made up for the lack of warmth so the overall taste was satisfactory. I also helped myself to a fruit tart which was slightly above average.

Chocolate platter: chocolate cake, chocolate brownie with blackberry topping, chocolate eclair. I was very impressed with their chocoalte eclair! Loved it! The chocolate cake was pretty good as well.

More desserts: creme brulee, chocolate eclair, chocolate cake. Everything on this plate was AWESOME! (: I will highly recommend these three desserts even to those who feel like you can't eat anymore because they are just SO good! (:

To my surprise, L'espresso serves free flow Haagen Dazs icecream! (: Close friends and family will know that I am a fan of haagen dazs icecream! (: The two flavours available that day were chocolate chip and chocolate with some strange things mixed with it. I was looking forward to having their rich belgian chocolate icecream but unfortunately that didn't materialise. Nevertheless, the chocolate chip icecream made up for it! (:

After all the good food, Jeffrey decided to end his meal on a healthy note by consuming a few slices of watermelon (: There's a wide range of fruits available so fruit lovers can have their fair share of feasting too! (:

Alright that's all for now! I'll post again after I come back from my trip! (: Please take care and enjoy your weekend! Byebye!

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  1. Jan, you're good enough to be Popeye! Do consider. Haha, anyway, the sandwiches look awesome and I shouldn't say this here but I'm still going to: They are probably easy to dabao home for us! Just slip them into your bag or something! (: Have a great trip!