Saturday, December 4

The Cavern

Hello! (:

Sorry for not updating this space for a while. I was suddenly attacked by a mighty bout of flu on Tuesday and have since been on the relatively speedy road to recovery - thanks to tamiflu! =) I'm feeling perfectly fine now except for the occassional cough and the croaky/ husky voice! I'll definitely spend the next 1.5days resting and recovering because I'll be gone for the next three weeks! =) I doubt I'll be updating this space much when I'm gone but I'll update more when I'm back! (:

Anyway, a few of us dropped by The Cavern to try out its food a few weeks ago. The Cavern's currently having a 'soft launch' - which means that it's not officially launched yet (I think) and their current menu is relatively limited because they only serve certain dishes listed on their main menu.

The space that The Cavern occupies was previously taken by Brewerkz but the latter ended its lease a couple of months ago, and so The Cavern took over. Business is still slow at the moment - which is fine - since it's still going through the soft launch phase. Hopefully more people'll drop by for some pub grub when business is in full swing!

For starters, we decided to have the house garden salad ($12), which tasted slightly different from the usual vegetable salad because there were some apple quarters tossed in! I love salads with apple bits because the salad becomes slightly sweeter and crunchier.

We ordered a basket of calamari ($12) to share as well. The calamari was mediocre and isn't something to scream about so I guess we'll give this a miss in future.

If you feel like you're seeing double in this photo, let me assure you that your eyes aren't tricking you! We actually ordered two plates of prawn aglio olio spaghetti ($16 each) because the menu's very limited! This plate of prawn aglio olio has got to be one of the spiciest that I've ever tasted! My sister, who ate the other plate, also commented that it was much spicier than expected! If you aren't able to handle spice well, please refrain from ordering this though I must say that the dish was pretty well done! =)

We also ordered two servings of The Cavern's Famous Fish & Chips ($15 per serving). On the whole this dish was slightly above average - the fries weren't as nice as we expected them to be but the fish fillet was pretty tender and savoury. I guess it would help a little if we'd coleslaw/ lettuce as a side instead of the vegetable that we were served.

Our trip to The Cavern wasn't disappointing nor did it floor us with what it offered. The service was friendly and prompt and our dining experience was pretty pleasant. I hope that there'll be a wider variety of choices after The Cavern's official launch so that I'll be able to sample other Cavern-delights when I return in future! =)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh Limmy where are you going? I'll miss reading your updates!

  2. Hello my dear reader! (:

    I'm currently in Cambodia! Will only return to Singapore on Christmas day! (:

    Have a great December!