Wednesday, December 29

Au Petit Salut

Salut! =)

How's everyone's last week of 2010 going? I've been going back to school daily since the start of this week for CCA and I think I'm beginning to enjoy myself even more during CCA sessions. I'm quite proud to say that I've taken a step towards being more involved with my CCA by joining my very flexible students when they do warm up! =) It certainly beats sitting at the corner watching them do those challenging stretches and I feel like I'm having some kind of free 'yoga' or stretching session of sorts! Looking forward to our final session before we take a break for New Year celebration!

Today, I'll blog about one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore - Au Petit Salut at Harding Road. It's a popular French restaurant that I've been to quite a few times and I keep returning because of the well-cooked food and relatively affordable set-meal prices!
Recently, Jeffrey and I have taken a liking to sparkling water so we ordered a bottle of S. Benedetto ($7) to share! I like it when there's a slice of lemon in my sparkling water because it gives a slight tangy taste to the water.

A basket of complimentary warm bread buns which we absolutely love! These go perfectly with the cold butter that is served together with the bread basket.

Jeffrey and I usually visit Au Petit Salut in the afternoon so we'll go for their three-course set lunch. There're basically two kinds of set lunch: the normal one that costs $30++ per pax and the executive set lunch that costs slightly more. We opted for the normal set lunch so we paid $30++ per person!

For starters, I'd the mushroom quiche which came with a side salad. The quiche was warm and tasty and it was of just the right size - not too filling and not too small. The salad was exceptionally well-tossed because every leaf was drizzled with salad sauce. Yum =)

Jeffrey chose the normal garden salad and it was as tasty as my side salad! If you like your salad to come with a bit of zing, try Au Petit Salut's!
I think there are slight changes to the set lunch menus because I spotted a couple of items which I have never seen before but these changes obviously go unnoticed by Jeffrey because he always goes for the same thing - ONGLET WITH FRIES! =P I guess there's nothing wrong with eating and re-eating the same dish that one likes, especially if the dish is good! There were many other diners who ordered this too so I'm guessing that their onglet must be quite good!

I decided to go for the risotto which, at first glance, looked pretty pathetic in terms of portion size but turned out to be quite filling! It's one of the more flavourful risottos that I've eaten! On top of that, I thought that the chef did a good job in making sure that the rice grains are neither too hard nor too 'fat'! I liked it so much that I ate every single grain of it!

For dessert, both of us ordered a plate of profiteroles each. Profiteroles are actually scoops of vanilla icecream that sit in between two puff pastry 'bases', covered with chocolate sauce and generous sprinklings of almond flakes. It's a dessert that will fill up whatever empty space you've left in your tummy so if you're already very full from your mains, I would suggest you go for their creme brulee (which is not bad as well) or some other dessert that you fancy.

While eating your dessert, you'll also be served with complimentary coffee or tea. I like to think of these cups of coffee and tea as 'end of meal beverage' so seeing these cups of warm drinks on the table will mean that my meal has come to and end!

I honestly think that the set lunches are extremely worth it and that everyone who wants to have a taste of affordable French food should dine at Au Petit Salut. It helps that the ambience is relaxed and the staff are generally friendly! Will probably go back again next year!

Alright that's all for today! =) Enjoy the last few days of 2010!


  1. Glad to see you back limmy! Missed reading your posts! (:

  2. Hello anon =)

    I'm glad to be back as well! Happy 2011 in advance!