Saturday, December 25

Cha Cha Cha

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas! (:

I'm back in Singapore! It's the first time being away for so long and it feels quite good to be back (apart from the fact that I'm painfully aware that the year is coming to an end!). My trip was pretty eye-opening and it gave me much to think about. I only wished that I'd more time to lounge about and do nothing but the tourist in me felt compelled to visit some of the 'must see' sights and the 'must visit' places. On the whole it was a fulfilling trip and I did manage to get some rest in between, so it's not too bad (: Will spend the rest of the year preparing myself physically and mentally for the new year!

Anyhow, I'll do a short post before continuing with my unpacking. I've decided to post about Cha Cha Cha partly because we had Mexican food on the first night at Bangkok. We've been visiting this city two years in a row so far! It's not that we particularly love the food or the shopping (though I must say that that both are pretty good) but because we happened to be visiting Thailand's less developed neighbouring countries and we always used Bangkok as our 'safety stop' - in case we dislike the other less developed neighbouring countries, then at least Bangkok will be some sort of reprieve. Okay I don't know why we're being so cautious but I guess since a holiday is meant to be enjoyable and this works out for us, it's good enough!

I've digressed! Okay back to Mexican food. Ever since I ate at Cafe Iguana a few years ago, I realised that Mexican cuisine goes well with my palate. So one fine day before we left Singapore, we decided to pop by Cha Cha Cha at Holland Village for some Mexican food since we've heard that it serves pretty decent food. We were there on a sunny Saturday and the restaurant wasn't full so I guess it's not necessary to make a reservation for lunches.

Our basket of complimentary nachos, which was served AFTER we ordered our dishes! This led to a slight problem because I had thought that they wouldn't be serving nachos so we ordered a platter of nachos with cheese and diced tomatoes!

This was our plate of nachos with melted cheese and diced tomatoes (sorry I forgot how much this cost). Needless to say, this plate of chips carried more taste and flavour than its plainer compatriot and it's definitely good for sharing if you're a nachos lover! Otherwise, the plain nachos are good enough as starters (:

Jeffrey ordered chicken burrito ($16) and he liked it despite its reddish appearance! I was slightly worried that it might be spicy but apparently it isn't so it was good for him!

I ordered this dish which consitst of a wrap with melted cheese and mushrooms, a ball of rice, two clumps of different mashed beans which is (if I'm not wrong) called the Flauta ($13.50) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's like a deconstructed burrito and you've to put the different ingredients together to get what you want =)

Finally, we decided to order a crepe ($6.50), which turned out to be crepe with banana slices inside topped with pineapple bits, three grapes and super sweet syrup! Honestly I don't think I've tasted such a sweet crepe before! I thought that the overly-sweet taste kind of spoilt the dish for me but I guess different people have different tastes so you may like it.

In short, the entire meal was satisfying apart from our little disappointment with the dessert. Service is prompt and prices are affordable so I think it's quite a decent place to have a relaxing meal. I'm not sure if the restaurant is/ will be airconditioned so people who dislike perspiring or are prone to perspiring a lot may want to avoid this place during sunny and hot days. Otherwise, it's a great place for Mexican food! (:

Alright that's all for now! Time to unpack, rest a bit and then have Christmas dinner with the rest of the limmies (: Merry Christmas everyone! =)

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