Friday, April 15

Global Kitchen

Hello! (: It's been a while since I last blogged so I thought I should post an entry before sleeping tonight (: As Jeffrey and I have been dining at inconvenient times (i.e. usually too late for lunch) of late due to our busy schedules, we often end up having ghigh tea buffets because that's usually the only option we have left since most lunch places tend to close by a particular time. Not too long ago, we made a trip to Global Kitchen at Pan Pacific Hotel. According to Trip Advisor, Pan Pacific is ranked as one of our country's finest hotels so I didn't think that the food would be too bad. However, I didn't get my hopes up since I've never heard of anyone raving about Pan Pac's buffet so I went there with an open mind and with little or no expectations. The layout of the restaurant is pretty interesting because each table is placed in such a way that it has a teensy bit of privacy so that diners can eat and talk in peace. We were literally sitting around a bend so we didn't have anyone near us, which was perfect because we could just eat and talk at ease (:

One thing that I liked about Global Kitchen is that it provides free flow of fruit punch! I'd so many cups of this because I was trying to resist ordering Sprite! =P

The buffet spread at Global Kitchen is made up of predominantly Asian dishes so if you are a fan of Asian cuisine, you'd love dining at Global Kitchen! (: Here are some snapshots of what we had that day:

Vegetable samosa (yum!) and steamed soon kueh (not bad!)

Jeffrey had his usual serving of plain lettuce and some sushi

I was intrigued by the large spread of sandiwches but only decided to take two: grilled vegetable sandwich and egg sandwich (yum). I also followed in Jeffrey's footsteps and took some leaves but I also drizzled some thousand island ranch sauce onto the leaves to give them more taste.

There was quite a wide variety of meat despite the small buffet display area. Some of the meat include: roasted chicken, roasted duck, deep fried prawn on bamboo (ala Vietnamese style), mee goreng (ymmy!) as well as fried carrot cake (black).

After seeing Jeffrey eat his food with such relish, I decided to outdo him and take an entire plate of savoury food for myself to indulge in: (from left to right, in clockwise direction: deep fried prawn on bamboo, mee goreng, mushroom tart, fried carrot cake (black) and vegetable spring roll.

Eventually, we decided to combine our appetities and got a big plate of carrot cake, vegetable spring roll, satay and sushi to share.

As you can see by now, we shared MANY plates with the same few dishes on them. The only 'new' item on this plate would be the paper-wrapped chicken, which Jeffrey complimented! It's definitely a must-try as the chicken tasted 'tender and special! =)

One thing that I didn't like about Global Kitchen was its tiny dessert section! =( It had a mixture of western and asian desserts but somehow the entire display wasn't particularly captivating.

Here's a shot of my mango pomelo sago (: It tasted thicker than usual but I was okay with it. Could have been better with more pomelo and sago though.

Scones and bread and butter pudding! Unfortunately, this was one of the rare times that I ate desserts (which I really like) but are below average standard! The bread & butter pudding, as you can see, was already pre-cut and didn't have the right texture. As for the scones, they tasted more like muffins as they were dense instead of slightly biscuity. Maybe you can give these a miss the next time you head there.

Oh this crepe took quite a while to make becuase the lady at the crepe counter had to do this a few times before she managed to make a crepe that was presentable enough to be served! The good thing about this crepe with caramelised bananas is that you actually can choose your own toppings! (: There are quite a few fruit toppings to choose from (or if you are a fruit lover, you can have ALL toppings) but if you don't like fruits, you may wish to troop over to the icecream corner to get yourself a scoop of high-quality icecream to go along with your crepe! (:

Platter of desserts! From left in clockwise direction: coffee eclair (not bad), chocolate cake, coffee hazelnut cake, mango sponge cake, cheesecake (superb!) and chocolate eclair. I would highly recommend the cheesecake because it's so well-made! The cheese layer is extremely smooth and together with its cereal base, they were a formidable combination (:

Finally, to end off the meal, we indulged in another scoop of vanilla icecream! Even if you're not a dessert person, you should at least try a bit of their icecream because it's unexpectedly good! (:

Personally, I wouldn't consider Global Kitchen a must-go restaurant because the spread is quite limited and the quality of food was average/ slightly above average but I do think that it's worth $32++/pax. It'll be a good place to have a leisure meal and catch up session with friends because of the pleasant ambience and generally quiet surroundings (:

Alright that's all for now! Till the next update! (:

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