Thursday, April 21

Town Restaurant

Hello everyone! (:

The long weekend is finally here! (: I've been waiting too long for this day! Really need an extra day to rest and catch up with friends because I've been neglecting these two since term started! If I'm not wrong, a small group of us will be going out next week so it does look like some kind of social balance is starting to kick in.

Anyway one of my colleagues/ friends recently asked me if I know of any restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine because she was thinking of bringing her mum out for a meal on Mother's Day and I realised that I don't usually frequent Chinese restaurant or eat Chinese fare. I think it's probably because I don't really like Chinese food in the first place or perhaps I usually have Chinese/ Malay food in school anyway so when given an opportunity, I'd prefer to eat something non-Chinese.

Having said that, if you are a fan of Asian fare or local cuisine, you may wish to go to Town Restaurant at Fullerton Hotel on weekends for their Singaporean High-Tea ($32++/pax). The spread is truly Asian/ Singaporean so you needn't worry about not having enough local delights! The only personal gripe I have is that the spread isn't as tantalizing as international buffets and it didn't help that there weren't THAT many dishes to choose from!

Interestingly, they didn't even have a normal salad bar where Jeffrey could get his leaves from! Instead, they had a rojak bar which we didn't patronize because Jeffrey isn't into rojak and I didn't want to have to eat the whole thing on my own! Thankfully, he found some 'appetizers' which he quickly put on his plate (from left): satays (chicken and mutton), sushi, fried prawn dumplings (not bad).

I chose to visit the popiah and kueh pie tee booth to get a taste of both and I must say that they're much better than expected (: I like that these were 'ready-made' and all we'd to do was to pick them up and go! Oh and I took a pile of green apples because I simply couldn't resist taking something from the rojak bar!

And since I'm not into local cuisine, I took plates of sandwiches! Surprisingly, I could eat most (if not all) the types of sandwiches on display! On this plate, you can see (left to right) egg mayo sandwich, smoked salmon sandwich, cucumber sandwich and cheese sandwich. They're all pretty okay but they're not as good as Goodwood Park's!

As mentioned before, the selection of food wasn't very large so we basically helped ourselves to many plates of the same dishes (from left in clockwise direction): dumpling, har gao (steamed prawn dumpling), fried crab claw, Singaporean fried noodles, black carrot cake (yum!).

Some of the carbohydrates that you can enjoy are: mee goreng (super good!), fried rice and Singaporean fried noodles

And even after we ate many rounds of food, I was still feeling peckish so I decided to get more black carrot cake, fried crab claw and an almost invisible har gao.

Then comes my favourite part - desserts! (:

Plateful of desserts which I ate all on my own (from left): danish pastry with very nice jam in it, banana cake with chocolate, durian cake (light and fluffy!), scone with jam and clotted cream.

I couldn't get enough of the durian cake so I went to get another slice! The others on this plate are (from left): black bean/ pulut hitam tasting-thing with some green thing sitting atop, some cake that tastes pretty dense, and more banana cake (love that too)!

I also helped myself to a generous bowl of chendol, which wasn't fantastic because the 'soup' (sorry I can't recall what it's called now) wasn't thick or flavourful enough. I think they could have added a tad more coconut milk as well as brown sugar. Other than that, the condiments were aplenty so it's good for people who like to eat a lot of condiments (:

Last but not least, I scooped us a bowl of tao suan (aka yellow bean paste) and topped it with some incredibly hard youtiaos (fried dough fritters) and it was a complete disappointment! The tao suan was way too sticky and I felt like I was eating glue! =( Jeffrey, who doesn't like yellow bean paste in the first place, also said that it tasted bad. I guess we can give this a miss in future!

On the whole our meal there was relatively pleasant in terms of quality of food and experience though we wished that the quality of food could be slightly higher. If you aren't a big eater and all you want is a nice chill-out place to have some Asian food and catch up with friends, this would be a place you can consider (:

Alright that's all for now! Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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