Saturday, October 15

The Line

Hello everyone (:

The weekend's finally here and I'm probably going to take a little breather this weekend after the madness that was last week! I still have to go to school later to help out with School Tours but other than that my weekend looks pretty clear for some family time (later tonight) as well as for catching up on sleep!

Before I head to school, I'm going to blog about my recent trip to Shangri-la's The Line (: I'm quite sure most of you have heard of this famous buffet restaurant place and frankly speaking it took me a while to want to come to this place because I was always under the impression that a meal here is very costly! But I felt that Project Fatten Jeffrey Up was a good enough reason to visit The Line and so we did! We went for the lunch buffet on Saturday and it costs $55++/ pax, which I think is decent considering the amount of food one can possibly eat there!

Okay here are some photos of the food that we had that day:

The drink of the day was teh tarik! (: I LOVED THIS! I think I drank 3 cups in total! Amazing stuff! You've to try it! There's also kopi tarik for coffee lovers if I'm not wrong but I definitely prefer tea!

It was an international buffet so you can find different 'stations' serving different food such as: the starters/ appetizers section, Western/ Italian food section, Chinese food section, Japanese food section, Indian food section and of course the desserts section! (: There was no particular outstanding dish or section but the quality of food is generally above average so most things tasted nice (:

All in all it was a good breakfast (: I thought the desserts, although good, weren't the best that I've tasted. Thankfully I was pretty much full from main course so that didn't bother me too much.

My family'll be heading to The Line tonight because Mum's feeling generous and wants to treat us so I'll let you know if the dinner buffet is any different than their lunch! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a good weekend everyone!

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