Sunday, October 30


Hello everyone! (:

The weekend's coming to an end and I thought I'd sneak a quick post in before I head out for dinner! This weekend was particularly restful because I was slightly ill so I chose to stay in bed to catch up on Greys! (: Really love that show! I'm determined to immerse myself in more emo-drama this coming weekend so that I can finish S7 and be more updated with plot development! (:

We have been on a buffet-binge fest for quite a while now but I don't think it seems to be working in terms of helping Jeffrey put on some weight so we decided to give that a break for once and went to Prego for a normal, non-buffet lunch instead.

Upon arrival and after placing our orders, we were each served a bagel with light herb-flavour to start our meal. I think the bagel is nice to eat on its own but it's even nicer with the blended olives sauce pictured above! Do try the sauce even if you might not be a big fan for the experience! (:

That day, we decided to go for the "Lunch for 2" set ($78) and that set comes with 2 cups of soft drinks, free flow of caesar salad and 1 main pasta dish (we chose carbonara). At the end of the meal, both of us decided that we should order our individual mains in future because this set didn't fill our tummies at all! =( I think the pasta portion was probably big enough to serve 1 very hungry person (and it didn't help that we were 2 ravenous people that day!) so it would have been wiser to order our own main dishes. Having said that, I think this would suit two people with average appetites so please go ahead and have this if you think it'll fill you up!

Our big bowl of Caesar Salad which we finished way too quickly. We would have asked for a refill if we had known that the main dish would be so small.

Carbonara that tasted above average but the portion size was disappointing. Somehow I feel that carbonara goes best with linguine but since my favourite pasta is penne, I don't mind having carbonara penne (:

As you would expect, we were still hungry at the end of the meal so we ordered a slice of tiramisu ($14) to share. For its price, I would expect something with more punch but the alcohol taste wasn't particularly strong. In fact, I would say that the tiramisu was just above average but nothing to rave about. Guess I should try other desserts in future.

I think I would return to Prego on a Sunday in future so that I can try their Sunday brunch buffet (: Will post an entry on that if I do end up visiting!

Alright have a good week ahead everyone (: Second last week of term! (:

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  1. The problem with Prego is that its prices reflect the reality that 90% of the diners there have a 50% off feed at raffles card.