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Hello everyone (:

Sorry for the lack of updates! It's marking season so I've less time to spend on this blog but I decided to devote some time this morning to this page as a way of rewarding myself for staying up for the past few hours as well as to take a break from looking at scripts.

Some time ago, Jeffrey and I visited Equinox during the weekend of their semi-buffet lunch ($59++/pax). We first visited Equinox years ago when we celebrated my best friend's and sister's birthday and we decided that we would come back because although the food was of average to above-average quality, the relaxed ambience and stunning view are enough to have us back! That's our glass of sparkling water ($12.50/ bottle) against the MBS backdrop.

A semi-buffet works this way: you can help yourself to unlimited starters, side dishes and desserts at the buffet counters and on top of that, you get to choose one main dish from a menu that will be presented to you on arrival. 

The buffet spread at Equinox is pretty decent considering the display area isn't very large. There's definitely more than enough food to eat. From my observation, I think the cheese, seafood and dessert sections are probably the most popular amongst guests (: The quality of food on the whole, as I've mentioned above, is average or above average (save for a few dishes that were slightly below average in taste).

Here are some photos of starters/ side dishes that we had that day:

Because I prefer going for variety, I would almost never order the same dish as Jeffrey unless we really have limited choices or we both have a strong craving for a particular dish on a particular day. Thankfully, those days are rare and we usually get to order different dishes, which is good because we get to exchange our food and try more things!
Jeffrey ordered a steak for his main (yes that brown glob in the background is his steak) and though it may not look very appetizing, Jeffrey says it's pretty tender and fine (: He said it can't compare to the luxurious slice of steak we had in Tokyo but it's good nevertheless (:
As for me, I ordered risotto which, thankfully, had a more decent portion size compared to Jeffrey's steak. I have no idea how anyone can get full on a slab of meat that small so I offered to share some of my risotto with him in a weak attempt to fill his tummy with more food. (Oh just for your information, we're on this food/ buffet spree because Jeffrey desperately needs to put on some weight! Another reason why we're on a buffet spree is because we usually are too hungry by the time meal time come so we don't wish to wait for our food to be served, hence the choice to go for buffets. Let's hope that Project Fatten Jeffrey up will succeed or my valiant efforts would be utterly wasted!)

The dessert section is filled with wonderfully baked chocolate cakes as well as elegant looking shooters. I think the peanutbutter M&Ms brownie was THE dessert of the day and I happily ate lots of it! The vanilla and pistachio icecream tasted rich and satisfying and I would strongly suggest that you have some icecream because it'll definitely sweeten the ending to your meal (:

We were served coffee (you can choose to have tea if you want to) before we left and that was when I realised that I really dislike drinking black coffee. Maybe I just haven't acquired the taste for it yet but I would very much like to stick to having cappucinos and lattes for now.

If you're feeling like you want to be on top of the world (literally), do drop by Equinox for some good food and quality dining experience! It's actually quite a nice place for weekend get togethers with family and/ or friends because the restaurant is quite small and cosy (:

Alright that's all for now! Will try to update again soon! Have a great Sunday everyone (:

Seventeen, twenty-five, fifty.

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